Monday, October 18, 2010


So I've take an unexpected Hiatus from my blog, which makes me a bit sad since it's so new.  I've been terribly sick since right after my birthday.  I just seem to keep getting sicker, but I had a moment of clarity from the theraflu fog I've been in and decided to post while I could.  I hope to be back very soon, and have luckily stockpiled videos for my youtube channel.  I do have some posts planned such as one about my birthday presents, and another about the nail varnish I've acquired lately.  Which is a lot I seem to have gone on a nail polish binge since discovering one of my local grocers sells OPI. I've even changed which store I've been shopping at and luckily so since I've been saving quite a bit of money.

I'll be back soon, hopefully feeling much much better.  Thank you for your patience