Monday, November 29, 2010

"Nothing bad ever happens in there"-Holly Golightly

Most ladies love Jewelry, and most of those ladies have a particular Jeweler they love.  For some it's Harry Winston, for others Cartier, and others still love places like Kay, Ostermans and Jared. Whatever the Jeweler maybe, they daydream of it. 

For me that day dream is of Tiffany's.  Tiffany's is iconic, the sparkling jewelry, the little blue boxes and bags with white ribbons, the Tiffany's setting and flagship store on 5th Ave. in New York.  I love that Tiffany's has a history over two centuries old, and that it has a history of not only quality but of amazing costumer service as well.  Tiffany's is everywhere, in pop culture, from Breakfast at Tiffany's to Santa Baby to Andy Warhol who once designed their Christmas Catalog.  Tiffany's keeps up with the what's current by hiring modern designers while still carrying their more traditional designs.  The Tiffany setting for diamond engagement rings is easily the most recognizable engagement ring.  It was designed to showcase the diamond for optimal brillance.

I can give you information all day about Tiffany and Co.  It's classic and elegant, looking at their jewelry makes me sigh, and my heart flutters a little bit whenever I see those little blue boxes and bags.  I don't really have a firm reason, for me it's always been Tiffany's.  Ever since I can remember, it's just the way it makes me feel.  Warm and flushed with a bright happy feeling, Tiffany's makes me giddy.  So for me it will always be Tiffany's.  Who's Jewelry do you daydream of?

Disclaimer post

Sorry I haven't posted, I've been sick, busy, and just out of Ideas, but now I have one so I'm posting this post so I don't have to post my apology in that post because it's about something that's special to me