Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Harry Potter Christmas

I adore the Harry Potter Series, the books and the movies. But I only watch them at Christmas time, or in the winter season anyway.  From mid-November when it starts getting cold and blustery, to end of February you can often find me tuned in to ABC Family or any other channel running it watching any one of the Harry Potter movies, mixed in among the Christmas movies.  I've never bought them, but I've asked my dad for them for Christmas and I can almost guarantee I'll get them.  I couldn't tell you why I've never bought them, my brother owns the first six, and I know he's planning on purchasing the last 2 as soon as the second on is released.  I do own the books though.  I bought them the first time I wanted to read them and wondered down to my bookshelves  and promptly realized the ones I had thumbed through all through out my teen years belonged to my mother and that these were now my bookshelves and not hers.  If I don't get the movies for Christmas I'll probably start picking them up used from Amazon. 

I don't know what it is about the movies that make me feel like Christmas, maybe it's that Christmas is featured in most of the movies or that ABC Family runs them at this time of year, or perhaps it's that they've each been released on DVD or in Theaters each year for roughly the past 9 or 10 yrs at Christmas time. (They missed a year or 2 due to production issues.) Or could be that they're filmed in the UK and I've always wanted to be in the UK at Christmas time.

Every-time I hear that magical theme though I want to put on my snuggliest pajamas and curl up under my favorite blanket with a cup of cocoa or hot tea and a nice apple cinnamon candle burning.  I'm mostly there as it is in yoga pants and a black and Technicolor striped jumper.  I just need some slippers and cocoa and I'll be the happiest Harry Potter viewer in the world.  They're running the first Harry Potter now, and I can smell my candle, even though it's not lit yet.  Well I'm off to find some slippers and enjoy the rest of the movie