Monday, November 14, 2011

Scarves, Scarves and More Scarves

If it would surprise anyone, I must say I adore being warm.  Scarves are some of my favorite accessories because aside from being absolutely adorable, they're warm, and cozy.  And easy to make yourself, if you knit or crochet, which I do.  I knit and I have an idea for a crazy soft and warm scarf.  I do have other projects in process so it must wait until I finish at least one of them, but since knitting is such a soothing activity, I will probably be whipping my way through it here soon as I'm roughly half to a third done.

Aside from the scarves I make myself I do also purchase them and I have a few that I have my eye on, and at least one of them if not more will be coming to live with me shortly. I will link them below.

First is this scarf from Zara I adore it for a few reasons, it's a cloth scarf rather than knit, it's checked and fringed and very similar to one that FleurDeForce wears in a recent outfit of the day.  It's no secret I adore Fleur and her fashion.  Plus I have total hair envy. Obviously buying a similar scarf will not give me similar hair, but it will give me a similar scarf that looks cozy and warm and that's enough for me.

Next is this Infinity Scarf also from Zara while it is knit, and while it is actually something I could replicate it's not something that I would be able to with any real amount of skill.  I prefer to use self patterning yarns, in more forgiving styles such as a ribbing pattern or Bouclé style yarn.  I love Bouclé because it's so soft and fluffy and if you make a few mistakes they aren't terribly noticeable.  

That's it on the actual purchasable scarves, I already have a few though, and if I ever get my closet together enough to film a closet tour you'll see them all.  Or maybe once I've added a few to my collection, as I recently did a clear out and gave away a few, I'll film a Scarves Collection.

 Well that's enough of a blabber for now, hopefully I'll be back again soon.