Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My top 10 favorite blogs


I have quite a few bloggers that I adore and actually keep up with, so I decided to share those loves with you guys. My top 10 blogs are all blogs I anticipate new posts and save them for last or let them pile up before reading them.  They're my guilty pleasure blogs. 

The first is FleurDeForce, I'm not going to blather about all of them but Fleur is definitely my favorite.  She's a Blogger/Vlogger from the UK and is adorable and Sunny and I want to be just like her when I grow up, despite the fact that she's actually younger than me.  Fleur really is the ideal role model, she's beautiful, has the loveliest voice I've ever heard, and while here in the States it's considered normal for a beautiful woman to look slightly ill or sallow, Fleur looks healthy and vibrant.  I adore her outfit of the day videos they're always very classy, and have watched/read her consistently since I discovered her blog 2 years ago.

Next is Dazzledust25 or Amy if you prefer an Irish vlogger who is one of the people who inspired me to even start blogging at all.  I didn't get off to such a great start. Though that's because I'm much more of a reader than a writer. She's a great blogger though, usually posting several times a day.

Then there's BuyNowBlogLater also known as Laura.  She used to make youtube videos as well, but has decided to simplify and just blog.  And I adore her blog, and I covet her shopping habbits.

While the first 3 are very well known blogs and also all of the ladies are overseas, the fourth is a lesser known blogger that is closer to home for me, but not too much closer as she's Canadian, that i absolutely adore. SometimesFancy's blog is mainly about all things Nail related, which I love.  I only follow one other Nail blogger and I don't adore her as much as I do Lindsay.  I have talked to her a bit on twitter where she goes by the moniker Sometimesicing she also has a blog called Sometimesicing that I follow, but not as closely as I follow her nail blog.

The next bloggers are all equally as lovely but if I go on pages and pages about them you'll get bored and stop reading this so make sure you check out:



Diary of a Fat Girl

The Indulgent New York

Keiko Lynn


Okay so those are my top ten blogs that I follow a little obsessively.  Make sure you check them out the next time you're caught inside on a Rainy Day, curling up with these blogs and a cup of tea and I promise you'll wonder where your day went

Bonus Blog: Rachel Nichols, definitely one of my favorite blogs, the only big difference between her blog and the others is she's a celebrity. I adore her, I've talked to her a bit on Twitter (she's super down to earth and super kind to her fans, and is less retweet-y and more conversational-y.) you can follow her at RachelNichols1. Her blog is honest, hilarious, and, aside from the perks of being an actress, really down to earth.  I'd say the biggest difference between her and I (aside from the obvious) is that I always know what's in the packages I'm receiving, while she often sends herself mystery packages. 

Okay so the title says top 10, but really counting that Lindsay has 2 blogs and Rachel Nichols bonus blog it's really more like 12.