Wednesday, January 18, 2012

There's nothing I like better

I decided to wait until all the New Years Blogs died down before I got back into the game. Mainly because if I didn't then I'd have to resolve to blog more, and please I'm so bad at that.  I want to be better, I want to blog and film more, but I fail at it.  Hard.

But that's not what this blog is about.  This blog is about Rainy Days.  There is nothing I like better than a rainy day. I love curling up with my nook or another good book and my window open, and wearing my coziest sweater and my most comfortable jeans (which I have to admit are jeggings).  I usually toss my hair up into a bun and go with minimal and waterproof makeup if I have to venture out.  The best part about a rainy day, especially a chilly one is that dressing down, and being snuggly is nearly everyone's modus operandi. There are very few times in my life I've ever not wanted it to rain, such as my outdoor wedding with no indoor contingency plan. Other than that though I am all about Rainy Days...

and Rain Gear.  I already have the perfect Umbrella, that I absolutely adore and is unfortunately no longer for sale at Barnes and Noble online, but totally check your local store, because I've seen them in mine.

Next to a good Umbrella that makes you happy, the next most important Rain Gear is Wellies.  I adore these from Hunter.  I plan on investing in them soon, and then immediately testing them out by mud puddle jumping, even if I have to make the mud puddles myself.

I haven't settled on a Rain Coat I like, there are a few of varying prices that I'm completely in love with. There are these from Burberry: Classic Trench, Orange Trench, Yellow Trench with Detachable Hood, Yellow Fishing Jacket  or of course these from Anthropologie: Rain Dotted Anorak, Puddle Chaser and finally Modcloth: See You Schooner and last but certainly not least Pretty Slicker

The Burberry ones are of course pretty classic, and I have always adored Burberry, but the last one Pretty Slicker from Modcloth is currently my favorite.  I seriously adore it, it's so sunny and it gives me happy feelings.  Plus it's cheaper than the Burberry ones. What do you think peoples? What's on your must have rainy day list?

Side note: Modus Operandi's direct translation is method of operation and is not only used to reference criminal activities but is the origin of 'MO' which is commonly used to discuss why a criminal behaves a certain way and how you can link them to their crimes through those behaviors. *The More You Know

Side note the second: Hope Sopa doesn't get passed and then blogger gets taken down because I used *The More You Know in this blog post. Info on Sopa Here