Thursday, September 13, 2012

25 Random things about me

I've done something similar to this before but I saw it on a very old post of ForeverAmber's blog.  She's my new bloggy obsession (ALL THE SHOES) (also her blog) and I'm going back through her blogs until I get to the beginning. So in celebration of my 30th post on this blog I thought I'd tell you 25 Random things about myself.

1. No, I never was any good at Math, why would you say that?

2. Haunted History has been one of my favorite shows since childhood

3. Another favorite show of mine is Scooby Doo, in all his various incarnations. My mother used to compare me to Velma because I read a lot, but my father called me Danger-prone Daphne, and following a crash or an Ouch! you could often hear him shouting "Danger-prone Daphne does it again". (I really was that Klutzy and the nickname has stuck)

4. I have a small scars on my chin and forehead, that I received while dancing in our living room with my dad at the age of 6, I managed to trip over the carpet and hit my face on the baseboard, I was told I was lucky I managed not to break my nose.

5. I've not ever actually broken any bones, but I have bruised my cheekbone and my toe-bones so badly that I thought they were broken. Bonus: When I was pregnant with my son I had a meat slicer fall on my head and narrowly missed cutting of my thumb (and a chunk out of my head) instead getting a regular cut on the top of my thumb. (See above the Danger-prone Daphne thing)

6. I am a big fan of Halloween, and anything haunted or monster, but not gore, or Haunted Houses

7. I hate Haunted Houses because I'm terrified of Clowns.  It's an irrational fear, and it stems from I can't imagine how anyone can want to look like that and be sane, and also I saw the movie IT as a child and it scarred me for life

8. I also watched the movie Hellraiser on TV as a child and was not phased, but later that same week I saw Ghostbusters 2 in theaters with my Aunts and was Terrified of Slimer despite the fact I had seen him in Ghostbusters a bazillion times, and loved him in the cartoon.

9. I was a Cheerleader until I managed to hurt myself (before the first game even happened) and joined Drama club instead.

10. I have an insane amount of Nail Polish. I've tried to film a youtube video on my collection, but it was too long and I couldn't edit it down with out cutting out actual polishes.

11. I love what I call 'Fluff Murder Mysteries" which are generally series about women solving murders or crimes that happen in their towns such as the Hannah Swensen series and the Aunt Dimity Series. They're my favorite type of book and if I start reading in the morning I can usually finish 2 or 3 of them in one day

12. I read really fast, and once I start reading I really hate to stop.

13. I was on the Academic Team in Elementary School for my literary skills, since I had read most of the classics by the time I was in 4th grade, my excuse was it was either those or novels my mother deemed to Adult for me in the house.

14. My favorite day of the year is my Birthday, I love my birthday, and presents but mostly my birthday, because it takes place in Autumn.

15. My favorite season is Autumn, I love everything about it, the clothing, the weather, the leaves falling, the wood burning smell that's in the air if you live in a small town.

16. I live in a small town and while I'd like to move closer to Seattle or Boston or Salem or somewhere like that, I'd most likely move to a small town nearby that town.

17. I don't actually believe in Ghosts as they were once people, but do believe in the possibility of "imprinting" or other more far fetched ideas on any given day (I'm still trying to convince my cousin they might be another type of creature)

18. My favorite food are donuts, especially Dunkin Donuts Bavarian Creme, but I love Boston Creme just as much

19. and Pumpkin Coffee, and Pumpkin butter, and Bread, and Pumpkin everything, and Pumpkins in general (that goes with my love of Autumn.)

20. At last count I had 32 pairs of shoes, but I haven't counted in awhile and I'm pretty sure I've bought more since then (read pretty sure as Damn Sure)

21. I wear leggings under my jeans in the winter, or to bed, but following my Leggings are not pants rule, I generally refuse to wear them on their own even with dresses or tunics in public. If you see me in Leggings it is safe to assume I am sick.

22. If you see me outside of my house in sweatpants it is safe to assume I am very sick, and on my way to or from my doctor

23. I have Asthma and also get severe sinus infections frequently.

24. I'm also terribly Allergic to cats and have a terrible reaction to them. Only one cat has ever not bothered me, and that cat is named Tina and is generally known by everyone who meets her as the most Awesome cat to ever exsist.

25. Dogs on the otherhand do not bother me and I hope to someday get a springer spaniel because I think they're the most adorable doggy ever.

And there you have it for my 30th post, 25 Random things about me that you may or may not have already known.  If you're my parents or a very close friend I'm sorry for a repeat of information you've heard a bazillion times. And if my mother claims, again, to have not known I bruised my cheekbone, you were there for Pete's sake and you drove me to the blasted hospital. (Also I'm sure there are grammar errors but you can keep them to yourself)