Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fashion's Night Out

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I may be going to a Fashion Night Out event.  Obviously I wasn't invited in an official blogger/vlogger capacity, being that my channel has roughly 60 amazing veiwers and my blog has less than 10 subscribers.  I'm good with this though, it makes me think more about my content so I can ensure that it's quality.

There are factors that may cause me not to go, but providing it all works out I plan on vlogging my experience, and doing an OOTD about what I wear. I may even do a hair and makeup tutorial. OMG, I suck at doing those, so much editing, and making sure it's perfect, and easy to follow with little of my signature "but ums..." They make me nervous.

Speaking of nervous, I'm so excited about the possibility of going that I've made myself quite nauseous. This sort of event is something I dream about attending, but since I fail as a planner and I have a child that requires either for the husband to stay home, or a sitter to be acquired, my plans sometimes end up falling through.  I'd be stunningly heartbroken if they did. So far the prospects are looking good, with my bestie 'T' tentatively having agreed to attend with me (if she can't go I can't, the driving is too far for me as I'm a new driver), and outfits are being planned.  As long as our sitter doesn't fall through, then things should be good.

 I just have to end this with a Squee!