Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gwen Stacy Much?

Okay I have to admit it, I'm sort of Obsessed with the new (ish) Spiderman movie, and I can't wait for it to hit stores, but mostly it's because of the fashion.  Okay entirely it's Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy's fashion.  I adore it.  I might have even copied her hair...okay I totally did.  But that's cool because I love it, and I've been telling my hairdresser "Oh exactly like Emma Stone's hair will be just fine. Thanks" for a while. This time she cut the fringe (bangs, but fringe sounds better don't you think?) a bit short, but it's okay because they're growing out nicely, and my next trim I'll make sure she doesn't, also the cut was on referral so it was free.  Hard to be super mad about bit too short fringe when you only tipped for it, eh?

None of that's the point.  The point is there is a dress she wears in the movie that I need.  Need I tell you, and I can't find it anywhere.  I've even sunk to googling "where is that dress emma wears in Spiderman from, ya know the navy blue one with the dark polka dots on it, okay thanks" and nothing. It has fallen off the face of the earth. It's this dress. I wish I could find it, or one like it.  Seriously, the dark polka dots on the navy background are just gorgeous.  Really.  Also it's really classy, because aside from the thigh high boots, and mini skirts (guys Gwen is originally from the 60's, so ya know) Gwen Stacy is actually super classy. It's hard not to be classy when you're the police chiefs daughter. 

Polka Dots are super in for fall, but we're mostly seeing the 'light/dark' mix.  I really love the dark on dark of this dress, it makes it seem so much more Autumn/winter than all year round, like the other polka dots styles we're seeing.  There are some Kate Spade dresses that are similar; specifically the the Pattie and the Alme dresses.  But both aren't quite right and are way out of my price range.  Though since Kate Spade has declared dots are the theme for September, and the stores seem flooded with the pattern I'm sure I'll find something comparable soon.

So what's your take on the polka dot trend? I know I'm obsessed. Are you totally in love, or does seeing them everywhere give you a hankering for first grade, juice boxes and a sharpie so you can connect the dots? And I know I'm way behind since it isn't even in theaters any more but how do you feel about the Spiderman reboot?