Thursday, September 20, 2012

In The Morning It Will Be Fall

As many people know Fall is Fashion's Season, and tomorrow is the official beginning of fall.  The day when all the boots and sweaters come out, and the flip flops and cut offs get put away.

It's been getting cooler for about a week here now, and I've been seeing the leaves beginning to change. There's been woodsmoke in the air, and stores are setting out their Halloween/Thanksgiving Items.  All of these are sure signs that Fall is here.  Everything about Fall is better to me.  The chill in the air, being able to comfortable drink hot cocoa, coffee, tea and cider again. The darker colors that come in style are warmer and richer to me.  I love Corn Mazes, Hayrides and visits to the local pumpkin patch. Fall is when all the best candle scents come out, and the whole world begins to seem cozier.  Everyone is bundling up and the holiday parties kick off with Halloween.

Then there's the fashion, no matter what your style is it always gets more interesting as the weather begins to chill, mostly out of the sheer desire to be warm. Sweaters, Jackets, Leggings, Boots, Tights, with the colder weather comes endless possibilities. Suddenly it's easier to be super edgy in your moto boots at the mall or classy in your riding boots in school or super cozy in your UGGS hanging out in your back yard and playing in the leaves. Whether you're rocking ankle booties or opt for the extra warmth of knee high boots it's all about what you feel comfortable in.

Personally I love Sweaters and Knee High boots, and I believe that leggings should only be worn to bed, or under jeans when it's freezing cold, but to each their own.  What makes you happiest in the fall? Being Snuggled into an adorable pea coat with some adorable riding boots, or do you prefer hoodies and UGGS? No matter what your fashion in the morning it will be fall, and everything will be wonderful in my world.