Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Loft event: Bust

Maybe I didn't do it right, but the Loft "event" was a bust. I went in, the lady smiled at me welcomed me to the store and wondered off.  There was a table full of water bottles that said Loft and Izze fizzy drinks (or some similar company). Other than that there wasn't really any sort of event.  There were bunches of ladies milling about shopping and chatting as you do when you shop with a friend.  I know there was a sign that said there was to be a drawing for a shopping spree, and other highlights of the event but I didn't see any actual eventing happening.  So I tried on clothes.

(Warning unflattering pictures of me ahead)

A dress that I thought would make me feel like Daphne from Scooby Doo
  and a stripey dress that I thought I might love
  and hated them all except a grey dress
I adored that dress, but I didn't buy it.  I know what you're saying why why didn't you buy it?  I don't really know. The Daphne dress gave me weird hips and might have been better if I could have gone up a size but they didn't have one, and the stripey dress is really just sort of hilarious, but that grey dress, I need that in my life, it was fabulous.  It made me feel floaty and lovely and mad men-ish.

Then I left having bought nothing and wandered over to the Limited, where I bought things, 5 things exactly but you can't see them yet. They're lovely and wonderful and there will be posts on them later.