Monday, September 24, 2012

Mini Skirts and Tights

Do you ever get fixated on one idea and just can't let go of it? I saw a picture on facebook of a Zara gold sequin skirt paired with a sweater, and suddenly I had to have a sequin skirt.

And, you know honestly, I don't know what the hell is up with me.  I don't wear sequins as a general rule and I don't wear mini skirts like ever.  But the way it's paired is just so cute, and I could easily see myself wearing it for holiday parties with tights and flats and being freaking adorable.

Then I started looking for that particular mini, but I couldn't find it anywhere, because it's from Zara's winter collection last season. It's on ebay, but for buy it now it'd be at least $120 and I'm not paying that much for a skirt I'll wear maybe 10 times before the years out. So then I started searching for a similar look (it's so spangly!). I couldn't find anything exactly close but maybe there will be more options closer to the coming winter season.

I just so happened to be watching Scooby doo while I was searching for this skirt and noticed that Daphne wears her mini with Opaque tights, and I was like well if I'd wear that skirt for parties with tights, why can't I do a more subdued mini as an everyday with tights? I immediately clicked over to The Limited since as of Oct 4th I have $50 in virtual Dollars to spend, and picked out 2 that I plan on picking up then.  They also have a great selection of tights.

I tend to dress up a bit more in the colder seasons, and I think picking up some mini's in fall/winter fabrics to pair with tights and boots will fit right in in with my 60's-esque Gwen Stacy style fall and winter style. I really excited about being more daring, even though with the opaque tights I'll still be completely covered.  Though I must reiterate that tights and leggings, no matter how opaque they are, are not pants, be classy people.

Are you making any daring additions to your wardrobe this coming season?