Friday, September 7, 2012

No FNO for ME

I didn't get to go to the FNO event I was planning on attending. Instead I came down with a last minute fever, sore throat and other various signs of illness.  So instead my wonderful husband bought me Easy A (which I watched as soon as we got home) and Bad Teacher (To be watched with the aforementioned wonderful husband at a later date).  I also bought a lovely Autumny polka dot straw tumbler cup from the Hallmark Store, and ordered a pet ghost that I can pick up next week.

After watching Easy A, I curled up with soup and the first Season of Mad Men, which I must admit that I haven't watched until last night.  Four episodes in I've discovered I need a pencil skirt, an A-line skirt, and where my love of things that button or zip at the back of the neck come from and how I must buy more (or any of them, I think I got rid of my only one in my closet clear out post).  I'm feeling a bit better today, as I'm heading to Loft tomorrow to look for something suitable to wear to my birthday tea that will probably only happen in my head. I will still buy and wear something fancy, but usually my husband goes with the standard "Lovely gift, cart around to Sephora, BN, and Ulta then fancy dinner " combo, and even though it's a standard I do love it, and it does take him much driving effort as I'm terrified of "Highway and Big City" driving. The other good news is Loft is having a styling event tomorrow, in honor of Fashion Week I suppose, so I will be seeing what that's all about fever of not. (I do carry tissues, sanitizer and Tylenol with me everywhere anyways.)