Monday, October 22, 2012

Blog Revamp and could Gilly Hicks be my new Victoria's Secret?

First off I'm planning on doing a revamp to my blog here soon, so there will be some changes and I'm excited for them. I haven't decided exactly everything I'm doing yet, but I'll alert you to the changes as the come.

Secondly Gilly Hicks, or GH which is a store I've loved from afar is having a sale on their sweatpants. I usually stick to Victoria's Secret for sweatpants and hoodies, but I've placed an order with Gilly Hicks today and when I get them I'll do a haul/ review for you guys either here or on my youtube. I'm kinda really excited because I have 2 hoodies and 2 pairs of pants in my cart and it came to $100, when a hoodie and pants from VS usually totals to over $100, and even at full price from GH it wouldn't come to that.

I know in my last post I said I wasn't going to randomly spend $100 here and there, well first off, I returned some shoes, so $40 of that will be back in my account soon and I've actually needed some new sweatpants for awhile so while I was going to wait a month or two to pick them up from VS in hopes they'd have a sale, but since it's a need and not entirely a want I don't see the point in waiting. I'm pretty excited about the hoodies because all of my hoodies are sort of really young since they're from VS Pink. I think I've reached an age where I'm a bit to old to wear pink in public at all, since it's aimed at high school, college age girls. Though if you told that to most of the women in my town, I'm certain they'd be offended. GH has tamed down their sexual image to appeal to a younger age range but still have maintained a more grown up feel.

Gilly Hicks is an American brand, with a British and Australian flair to it, that was launched in 2008. It's tagline is that it's Abercrombie's cheeky cousin. There's actually as story behind the brand, which while fictional is pretty neat. The story is about a young girl named Gilly Hicks in the early 1900's, she was supposedly born and raised in England, but moved to France to study fashion before settling down in 1932 in Sydney and opening an underwear shop in her family's manor. She found success and happiness making comfortable bra's to help women feel comfortable and sexy. And that smart Australian women came from all over to be fitted by her. A portrait of the "original" Gilly Hicks hangs in all the shops. (Or at least they used to)

The story is in actuality a complete load of bollocks. Though it does exactly what it was meant to do, which is create an atmosphere. Gilly Hicks was meant to be a big competitor for VS, and Aerie. I've never shopped at Aerie, the things that have caught my eye don't ever seem to be worth what they want me to pay for them. I do shop at V.S. quite a bit though and while I'm not making any judgments right now, I have been looking for a sort of replacement and am hoping this will be it. I quite like this brands style which I've read about on a few blogs written about the brand. GH is meant to have a laid back tomboy-sexy feel, which I will agree matches VS for their loungewear. I haven't looked into GH's lingerie line, but that was their big opening point when the shops first began. I do plan on giving that a look soon, and will let you know what I think.

All in all I'd say I'm very excited about the order I have placed with them, which should be here on Halloween.