Sunday, October 21, 2012

High Street Style: Fashion from across the pond

My best friend likes to tell me I was born in the wrong country, and the wrong decade. She's right though. Ideally I would have liked to been the age I am now in London in the 60's. I love Twiggy and mod style. I think it would have been a blast being a young adult in the world as it was then.

Aside for my deep love of 60's fashion, I also really love British fashion in general. Well the things that would be considered quintessentially British anyway. I love cable knit sweaters, and wellies and riding pants and boots. I absolutely adore oxfords peeking out of crew neck sweaters. You could argue that this is all just very preppy, and it is. Prep schools where the term preppy comes from started in England and as with everything else we have here in the states made it's way over. I love the very posh but slightly disheveled look. I'm also kinda in love with the English Professer Look, (English being England and not the language study) Tweedy Blazers with elbow patches, Brogues, Sweater Vests.

Some of my favorite fashion brands are British, Burberry, Mulberry, Jack Wills, Topshop, Superdry. I also am really fond of River Island, Zara, Asos and H&M. And if you branch out to cover all of the UK, Hunter my absolutely favorite brand ever is Scottish in origin but their boots are extremely popular among the British, and Kate Middleton and the Queen Mum herself have been spotted in them.

Onto Accessibility of the brands to my and to others in the States:
  • I ever realized how accessible the high street fashions might actually be to me until my husband ordered me a Superdry knit hat, that I had spotted in FleurDeForce's Christmas Gift Guide, just two weeks before Christmas and it arrived not only on time, but a week early.
  • I know H&M is pretty wide spread across the US now, and I've shopped there for a while since another one of my best friends said it was probably the best place for me to shop. And really it is, I'm in peter pan color heaven in there. 
  • Then Topshop came to the states. Okay they've been in the states for a while,with a few brick and mortar stores in NY Chicago and I believe LA, but with their new Nordstrom partnership, they are much more accessible to everyone here now.
  • Asos sells River Island and both Asos and Zara ship to the states, and I'm pretty sure there is even a few Zara's in the US I just don't know where they are. 
  • The final place on my dream shopping list is Jack Wills, I love their Jumpers (Sweaters if you did know before), and I love their Hoodies and Track Bottoms, but I didn't know that their shipping is guaranteed 2-5 business days whether your in the UK or America. This is quite possibly the best news I've had EVER.

The only issue is that aside from Asos and H&M the clothing is actually quite expensive with the conversion from GBP to USD. I have seen plenty of reviews though as I'm obsessed with UK vloggers (another post on that I promise, and it seems that with the exceptions of Asos and Topshop, which can be hit and miss, the quality is quite good for your money. Those are chance I'm willing to take, since when ordering anything online I check the reviews and won't usually order something that doesn't have any reviews, unless I have fallen completely in love with it.

I'm not the only one who loves British fashions, Taylor Swift has been pictured in a few different Topshop items, two coats and a dress at least. and I know Selena Gomez has done some shopping damage at Topshop when she's been in the UK. There are several other stars that seem to be in love with British fashion as much as I am, there are too many to name really.

So my goal, instead of ordering $100 of clothing from Loft or The Limited, will be saving that money for the things I really want. I'm mostly interested in the more classic pieces like cable knit jumpers and peter pan collared tops. I also think their graphic tees and tops are awesome for more casual days, and their accessories are really cool because they're different than what you can find here. I know you can find some of the classic pieces in the states. If I do, I will be more than happy to spend my money here, but if I can't then there is some fun in saying "I got it from England" even if I've never been.

When I do finally make some purchases from UK retailers I will haul them here. Promise, Promise.

How do you feel about overseas fashions? Do you have a country who's stereotypical fashion you adore? The French and their Benton stripes? Harajuku from Japan? Lemme know in the comments.

P.S. I know that Zara was founded in Spain, but they are widely available across the UK