Thursday, October 11, 2012

Colored Denim for Autumn

I know colored Denim has been a trend for a while now. It was really big this spring along, with Mints and Corals probably being the most popular color. I know those really aren't the best colors for fall, though if you pair them up right you can totally work them into your fall wardrobe. I mean really they're pants just add a sweater and a scarf and you're pretty much fall ready.

But if you're not the type of person who feels comfortable rocking pastels in fall, then I recommend you grab a pair in red, purple or a cobalt blue. You can find these anywhere, but Free People have some really cute ones on sale for 39.95 right now.

These colors are perfect to work into your existing fall wardrobe since most peoples fall wardrobes are full of colors like black and grey. They still sort of work as a neutral as denim is always considered a neutral. The pop of color in the denim would really brighten up a mostly neutral outfit. You could also pair these into a monochromatic look or if you're not quite that daring an ombre look. For instance you could pair the red jeans with a red-orange sweater and some oxblood ankle boots, add in some gold jewelry, or if you wanna be even more matchy-matchy garnet or ruby toned jewelry, and you've got a cozy warm outfit. Then you can take the same jeans and pair it with a cute blouse and a blazer or cardigan with elbow patches and some cognac oxfords and you've got a cute capable scholarly look. Or pair them up with a stripey top and some ballet flats and you've got a look that Taylor Swift would wear (and actually has worn).

I love the darker colored denims, they definitely feel like fall to me and I will be picking up a pair soon. Probably in red.

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