Sunday, October 14, 2012

Emma Watson, Perks of Being a Wallflower

Today has been a lovely day. I slept in, went grocery shopping and I don't know about you but there's something about buying fresh organic vegetables and apple cider and Nylon, just because Emma Watson's on the cover, that makes me insanely happy.

So first thing after putting my groceries away was curl up with my magazine. I have an insane amount of love and respect for Emma Watson, as a person, as an actress and as a fashion icon. I love that she says it took doing a movie like Perks to make her want to act.  I adore that she wants to legitimately act and have substance behind her roles, rather than just be a prop to make the clothes look good in whatever film she's in. I know that a lot of people judged her because she said she wasn't sure if this was what she wanted to be doing anymore when she was on the promo tour for the final Potter film, but you do have to think that she was just sort of thrown into this very young and into a film series that was much bigger than I think any of the actors grasped at the time. It's hard to be that famous that quickly, to not get to screw up all on your own with no one watching your every breath. I respect her that much more because this amazing script landed in her lap, and she made it happen. This story is epic, better yet infinite.

I'll admit I haven't seen the movie yet, but I've read the book. Many times, in fact. Because of that I can say that this isn't a movie saying no one should bully anyone ever. This isn't a happy easy teen flick where no one gets their heart broken and everything magic in the end. This is the story that say it's okay to be different, and shows you how being different works out. Charlie is real, I read a review on the book that said they felt the characters were one dimensional. I couldn't wrap my head around that, a story book character has never felt more real to me than Charlie. All I could think was the writer of that review was never one of those kids in high school.  The writer of that review somehow either had it easy, or glorified their high school days, I don't envy them either situation. Every moment of my life has given me a choice and it's those choices that have made me who I am.

From what I've seen of the actors previous work, the film could not have been better cast, and Emma Watson as Sam is the most ingenious move that has ever been made. I don't think she could have been better cast than if the actual Sam had stepped out of the book. If you've seen anything Emma's ever been in, if you've read even a few chapters of the book then you know what I mean, she just fits. Her reluctance to be famous on the level America takes it's actors too, and factoring in her lack of a normal teen experience, makes her the perfect fit for Sam.

The movie has just recently been released to a wider market and I can't wait to find out if it's in a Theater near me. If not I'm willing to travel a hour out of the way to see it. I think I'd feel like I failed if I didn't see it.