Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fashionable Cozy

It's Autumn now, and will be winter very soon.  This of course means the temperatures will only continue to drop if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. This is great news for fashion, and bad news all at the same time.

Starting with the September Issue Fall/Winter fashion sets fashionable people everywhere in a frenzy.  The dark colors, rich textiles, and endless possibilities for layering are like candy to the fashionable. Boots, coats, scarves and sweaters are definitely my favorite part of cold weather.  Actually aside from how my small town looks right after a fresh snow fall, everything smooth and glittering, the fashions are the only things I like about cold weather.

But what happens to the regular people? Those just trying to make it through their day with out freezing to death.  Well that's when fashion dies. Being cold is the worst feeling ever, and if staying warm becomes your only focus, you often don't care how ratty the sweater looks or how ill fitting it is as long as it keeps you warm.

Personally I kinda get it, I do love to be warm, and there are times when fashion should be sort of pushed to the wayside.  I do have a large puffy coat and ugglike boots for days when it's just to cold to function, or I'm to sick to cope with being cold. I say ugglike because I refused to pay $100+ for boots that ugly no matter how warm they are.

Considering how the cold weather sets the fashion world in a frenzy, you think people would find it easier to look good and be warm in the fall.  But there's often a disconnect from the catwalk to the sidewalk. You see the trends and love them but just can't figure out how to apply them to your everyday life. Oxblood looks great in Theory but how do you make it work in an office?

It's actually a lot less daunting than you think. First you need to look in your closet and pull out somethings you think would 'go' with Oxblood.  Are they all or mostly pants/skirts? Great that means you pick up a well fitting oxblood sweater. It really is as simple as that, you most likely already have something in your closet that will work with a trend you love and want to add in.

Now that I've covered how to work in a trend, lets get to the all important staying warm. I know it's easy to just pull on the same ill-fitting black sweater you've had since you were 21, but it's just as easy to hit H&M and pick up a great cable knit sweater for $15 that will fit you much better and is just as warm.  The main thing you need to focus on is fit. You don't actually need to worry that much about trend.  Sweaters are always in come the cold weather season. Layer it with an oxford underneath for a preppy look. Don't like preppy, well try a studded collar blouse for a rocker look.  Thermal and long sleeve tees are great for underneath sweaters or if you're buttoning it up all the way you can wear a light weight thermal under a oxford and blazer for work. As long as the thermal doesn't show under the top, you'll still look stylish and be plenty warm in the office. And remember it doesn't have to be black, any warm rich tone you feel good it will be perfect.

Another great way to stay warm is a great fitted Jacket. Jackets are for warmth, so picking up one in a great neutral will definitely keep you plenty warm. Or if you find your winter wardrobe is mostly neutral already pick up one in a bright jewel tone. The fit is important, you generally want to find one that is structured and not boxy.  A boxy jacket will only make you look larger, finding one that's tailored will help create shape.

Another way to stay fashionable and still be plenty warm are tights. Not only do I pair opaque tights and leggings with my dresses when it's freezing outside, I wear them underneath my pants if its really cold. The light layer doesn't add any bulk under the pants and it makes even my thinnest pants so much warmer.

It's easy to be fashionable and still be cozy and warm the Fall/Winter Season. Just remember that your clothing should always fit. I know you want to be curled up on your couch with cocoa in a over-sized ratty sweater, but make sure the ratty sweater stays on your couch when you leave the house.