Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's time for me to Obsess about Victorias Secret again...also lecture about wearing sweats in public

No not fall, well it is fall but that's not what I'm talking about. It's the time of year when I begin to obsess over Victoria's Secret Pajamas and Sweats and their Fashion Show. It's one of my favorite parts of this time of year. Ya know along with Halloween, Christmas, and all the Shopping, Wrapping and Glittery-ness of this season.

VS Pajamas and Sweats are just the ultimate cozy girliness to me. They're always sparkly and shimmery and the models are so gorgeous. And who doesn't want to feel like a VS model.  Their winter campaign is most likely my favorite because of all the snowflake themed-ness (Not a word. What? I made it up) of it. I love snowflakes I think I lamented about this last year. I have a pair of pink pjs from VS that I love that have snowflakes all over them that I'm heart broken about because it seems that I've lost them somewhere in my massive laundry pile. They're my favorites though and I'll be hunting for and laundering/ironing them later today. (What, you don't iron your pjs? Bah they're mostly the only things I iron.)

Now I know, I know, sweats and pajamas are not appropriate for wear outside of the house, well I'll let sweats and yoga clothes slide if you're on your way to or from the gym, are really ill or flying trans-continental, or on an 8 hr roadtrip. I know people break this general fashion 'rule' all the time. If you're going to do this, then there are some sub rules you should follow.

1. No pajamas outside ever, seriously you have no reason to hit up Target, Walmart or worse the Mall, in your pjs.
2. Make sure your sweats or yoga clothes cover all your bits.
3. And that they're clean, and look like they are clean, really if they are stained don't wear them out, I don't care if you're running out for more paint, paint splattered jeans are cute, paint splattered sweats are skanky.
4. No sweats with Uggs
*exception to 4, you're sick and on the way to the doctor, being warm and comfy when you're sick trumps all else. 

Also these rules only sort of apply to hoodies, as long as it's not stained, fits you well, and goes with what you're wearing/doing that day then wear them, they are outerwear. Just remember as with anything else there is a right and wrong way to wear them. The wrong way is if it's ill fitting, dirty, stained, or torn.  

These are really just my opinion, I can't force you to follow these rules, but remember, first impressions are everything. That guy behind the paint counter could totally be the one, or you might run into your boss at the hardware/ grocery store.

But back to the VS Sweats, there's one hoodie I've wanted ever since I saw it a few years ago and they've always brought it back in different colors but it's always sold out in my size when I try to get it, but they have it now, I'm hoping to convince my husband it's a perfect 8 yr anniversary present. *8 years from our first date, our relationship is a second grader, it can do multiplication tables. Because we usually buy each other schnuggly if not entirely practical presents for our anniversary's.  So not only do they have it in my size but they have it in one of my favorite colors and I would wear it to death. Until it's no longer acceptable to wear anywhere but to bed when I'm ill. Which would be a long time, because I have a hoodie from vs in this color (but not this pattern) that has been warn to what should be it's death and it still looks like new, I've miraculously not stained or torn it, and it isn't fraying at all. I usually wear it with shorts and sperrys on the fourth for fireworks (if you aren't from the states that's Fourth of July) or great jeans and chucks if I'm taking my son to the park and plan on playing with him, or running errands if I'm not feeling to well. It usually makes me feel better because it's cozy and still pretty cute (it's all about how you style it people)

  *Side note: I know that buying the same sweats Miranda Kerr models will not make me look like her, they won't make you look like her either, but I do feel a little bit hotter when when I wear them, because lucky for me cozy in sweats with no makeup and my glasses is just as sexy to my husband as all dressed up is. And I love cozy.

Edited to add: I've just found out the fashion show will air December 4th this year on CBS at 10pm