Friday, October 19, 2012

My take on Western style or Giddyp Cowgirl?

Today I was getting dressed and I had an outfit in mind that didn't end up looking like I thought it would once I put it on. So I had two choices change my entire outfit or keep the base pieces the same and change the way I was wearing them and my accessories.

So the outfit started with H&M skinny trousers, and an American Eagle light wash Denim western style shirt, origionally I wanted to wear it untucked, but I decided tucked in would be better today.

Then I added a Rose Gold H&M Belt, a floral and stripe scarf and a pearl bracelet. Unfortunately I've forgotten where I got both from. I also don't remember where I got my sunglasses from.

Finally came my western inspired riding boots from Pink and Pepper, and I was feeling very cowgirlish.

The Final Result: 

Obviously this outfit feels a little costume-y to me, and I think it would be much cuter with a white button down and maybe a different scarf, a longer one. But all in all I like it. It's definitely different than what I usually wear but sometimes it's fun to be a little costume-y with your outfit. Now where are those horses? It's much more rancher/cowgirl than English riding style, but the English riding style will be coming soon I promise. Just as soon as I pick up a good plain button down. I think maybe a charcoal grey would be great.