Monday, October 29, 2012

Quality over Quantity

It's a cliche for a reason right? Quality over Quantity. In theory it's great because it's true, buying less items for more money really is the way to go. Your things will last you so much longer and work so much better. But in practice, so hard. I personally don't have a lot of expendable money. I'm no stranger to saving up for things, but the sudden idea that I will essentially be saving up for everything is daunting. The past few years I've been guilty of some major H&M Shopping with a bit of Macys and Limited thrown in, and before that was Forever 21 (I haven't shopped there for 2 years now but that's still 2 years more than I should have, as I should have stopped at 22). But now I'm 26 and it's time to shop like a grown up.

I already know how to budget shop, properly, and I have been for some time. But I really want to start investing in my wardrobe. I've reached a point where I want to buy things I truly love and will wear for the rest of my life. This isn't to say that I plan on buying Chanel and Armani. Just that I've realized I really need to think about what I'm going to buy before I buy it, and I need to save up and wait on items rather than spending $50 at H&M on a bunch of things, I need to wait and buy maybe 2 or 3 things for $100 instead so they'll be better quality.

Being expensive doesn't necessarily mean it's a quality product. The saying "You get what you pay for" isn't as true as we'd like it to be. Sometimes you get less than what you pay for, and sometimes you get much more than what you payed for. You should always pay attention to a garments quality when shopping. If you can't see it or touch it in person you should always check the reviews online, and make sure the company has a decent return policy. Taking the time to research your items will ensure that you get the best quality for you money.

Quality over Quantity, sounds easy in theory, and I will be keeping you updated on my attempts. First attempt, I've bought 2 sweaters from Hollister instead of 3 or 4 from H&M I'm very excited.