Wednesday, October 3, 2012

*The Truth About Style Review

I have just finished reading Stacy London's new book The Truth About Style and already I want to reread it. It really is the truth and not a how to. It was so much more to absorb than I thought it would be and I feel like I need to reread it to fully grasp all the things she talks about. I was expecting her trademark biting sarcasm and humor, but instead found much deeper insights into what made my current idol into who she is now, and why she decided to get there.

Many people my parents included write Stacy London off as mean or cruel, since most of the time on her and Clinton Kelly's show What Not To Wear those getting a makeover didn't asked to be made over and even upon agreeing are still reluctant. What people don't usually see is that she actually cares about each person she's worked with and truly believes and has proven many times that changing your style to showcase the best you, can and in most cases will enable you to change your life. This book shows not only the journey of 9 everyday women that Stacy gave styling advice too, but it shows the reasons behind what they were wearing and how what they should be wearing will benefit them. Then the book gives Stacy's perspective, how she relates, in a segment called "I get it".

And she does, get it.  The women's stories spoke to her, because she had been there in some form or another. The women's stories spoke to me as the reader because I have been there in some form or another. The issues the women in her book face and try to cover with clothing, are issues every woman has faced or will possibly face in her lifetime. The tell you in the cover of the book that it's humorous, but they neglect to tell you that not only will you laugh, you'll probably cry too.

In sharing her story of how she became who she is and why, Stacy also makes you look at yourself. Halfway through the book (I started it last night), I got up this morning and had a fashion crisis. Honestly I'm glad I've already done my closet clear out or I may have had a fashion breakdown. I'm good now I managed to get dressed, and finish the book. It has made me look a little harder about why I've bought the things I have and re-evaluate what I do plan on buying. I believe every woman should own this book. It's not just a list of things you need. It's a why you need style.

Not fashion. To paraphrase Stacy's words in her book "Fashion is an industry, Style is personal." I've always agreed with this. Fashion is meant to be unattainable, I see the fashion industry as art. Not actually applicable to my everyday life. I've personally always viewed style as how I take that art and make it applicable to me and my life. Stacy takes this sentiment to a much deeper level and really shows you what makes style personal.

This isn't to say the trends aren't fun and you shouldn't experiment with them, it's just realizing that the trends aren't actually made for everyone, or anyone really. Style on the other hand is not only for everyone but is deeper than just what you're wearing.

The truth about style is that there is a psychology to what you're wearing and what you should be wearing and the why's of both of them. Stacy makes this concept feel less daunting and in breaking down why each of these nine women are wearing what they are, and why and what she should be wearing, you'll most likely find that she's breaking down what you're wearing and what you should be wearing.

I can easily see myself rereading this book, and it quickly becoming a comforting favorite. I deeply and truly love this book.  As a matter of fact I'm going to go make a cup of tea, and curl up with it right now.