Thursday, November 29, 2012

A tea party for myself

Come this spring, April 21st to be exact I'm going to have a party, A rainy day tea party, with tea and cakes and presents. Just a no reason party in a pretty dress with wellies and a rain coat, maybe even all by myself, but most likely with my family and a present for everyone with no more reason than to make us happy. I know that I'm meant to be planning entirely for Christmas, but sometimes you have to look to the future. I also know that a party for myself may seem selfish, but sometimes when things get busy you've just got to take a bit of time to celebrate yourself.

This whole idea was inspired by Belle and Boo's Etsy Store. The whole shop is absolutely adorable and reminded me of the feeling I had last spring, but when I saw her sticky tapes knew I wanted to receive a present wrapped in parcel paper with it wrapped around it. I can't decide which I love more The Paris Umbrella Sticky Tape or the London Umbrella Sticky Tape. Then I saw Poppy's Puddle Fine Art Print and knew I had to have it. I'm also pretty in love with Ava's Tea Party Fine Art Print. It's really all Louise also known as Sprinkle of Glitter's fault. She showed some Chirstmas Sticky Tape from Belle and Boo in her latest video Christmas Prep, and I went looking for it, but instead found the Umbrella sticky tapes and new that come spring I had to have a party.

I'm so excited by this idea that I'm just bursting with ideas, I want paper bunting made out of floral paper to hang on dowels around the party and paper lanterns to light up the area. Oh I do hope it's a grey day that day, is there a better day to have a no reason party? I love the  drizzly dreariness of spring coupled with new flowers coming up and the chill in the air that still requires tights with your dresses and the grey skies. I want a pretty tartan blanket to spread out in my backyard and a lovely pot of hot tea in my pretty FORLIFE Curve 24-Ounce Teapot with Infuser which I have in Turquoise, and my favorite Anthropologie mugs, I have the Kebaya Mug in Turquoise and the With a Twist Mug in Green. I really love Anthropologie's mugs and I want to get the Cabin Teacup in either blue or green and the Ayaka Mug in any color and of course the Homegrown Monogram Mug in M and S. I have a pretty Cabinet in my home that has my spare candles, pictures I love, and my Tea Pot and Tea Cups in it. It's probably my favorite thing in my house next to the pedestal sink in my bathroom, and the secret nook under the stairs in my basement. Maybe when I get more Tea Cups and paper line it like I want to I'll take some pictures and show you guys.

I want to use little paper doilies instead of plates, and find a cupcake holder for the treats. I was thinking little finger sandwiches but instead of the usual cucumber and watercress, I was thinking hams and turkey with cheese, and for treats maybe little petite fours, cupcakes and candies. I haven't decided what the no reason presents are going to be, but I figure I can decide that after christmas is over. I'd say I'm presented out, but I'm not, I'm just to busy focusing all my present energy on christmas right now.