Friday, November 2, 2012

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

It's only a few days after Halloween, but I'm so ready for Christmas. I'm ready to start present shopping, playing Christmas songs and movies, and decorating. I have a few posts for this coming season that I'm definitely excited about doing, like what to wear for Christmas parties, and Christmas Gift Guides, so this space will definitely be on Christmas overload for the next few months.

My first Christmas-y post is going to be about Christmas Jumpers. I love Sweaters, and I love Christmas so it only makes sense that I would love Christmas Sweaters. I'm generally not to big on the super tacky type ones, and usually prefer a fair isle style with only a reindeer here or there, but this year seems to be different. I have fallen in love with four sweaters and while I want them all, I'm probably going to limit myself to just one.

Christmas Jumpers 

First is this Red Christmas Jumper from River Island. I kinda maybe sorta really love it, it's got Penguins, Stags and Snowflakes, plus it says I'll Keep You Warm. Really that says it all right there. And since it doesn't exactly have anything extremely Christmas specific on it I would totally wear it all winter long. This one ranks top in the running of which one I'll buy to wear on Christmas.

Second is the Blue Christmas Jumper from River Island. It's got a bit of Tiger Striping, Snowmen, Trees, and Christmas Puddings. I've never had a Christmas Pudding, and I sort of want to, but then again when I think of Pudding I think of Chocolate and some how I don't think that's what a Christmas Pudding is.

Then is this adorable Christmas Cat Sweater from Asos. The kitty is wearing a Santa hat and that's just really too much cute. I maybe allergic to cats in real life, but for a jokey type Christmas Jumper I like it. I probably won't be buying this one though, while I like it, it's just too much jokey-ness even for me.

Finally is my last favorite, it's the Christmas Pattern Sweater also from Asos. I love the little Birdies, Presents and Snowflakes. Honestly if I don't buy that first one I'll probably get this one. The colors are nice and bright and it's just fun.

Okay so I'm going to be honest here, after Asos and River Island I stopped looking for Christmas Sweaters, because I found four that I wanted in one go, four! So there will probably be another similar type post in the future. And definitely a few on my wishlist. That's it for now though. How do you feel about Christmas Sweaters? I challenge you to find your favorite and leave me the link to it in the comments below, and come Christmas Eve we can all be Snugged up in our Christmas Jumpers together.