Monday, November 26, 2012

Gift Guide for Children

Children are probably the most fun to shop for at Christmas time. I love buying toys, and I see so many that make me wish I were still a child. Still it can be hard to shop for little kids sometimes. I had hoped to get this up by Black Friday, but life happens and sometimes you get busy. At least I've gotten it up in time for Cyber Monday. There are links provided, but obviously you can find the items at other places like Toys R' Us and Amazon. Or Target or where ever toys are sold.

First of all, it is not a good idea to buy a small child a toy just because it makes noise. I know it's fun, but really all the parent ends up doing is taking out the batteries when the child isn't paying attention. Toys that have small pieces usually just get vacuumed up, sometimes on accident, sometimes on purpose. Also you should make sure the gift is age appropriate. There's a reason there is an age range printed on the box. it's for safety reasons.

For young children Lego Duplo blocks are a great gift. Even if they end up with multiple sets it's still great because then they just have more to build with. They have sets that are aimed at girls and ones that are aimed at boys. Perfect for ages 2-5.

For slightly older children about ages 3-7 it's a bit harder, this is when they really start getting into different things. But you can usually be save with something Disney Princess related for girls and superhero for the boys. All though there's always some cross over, where the girl would be more happy with the spiderman, and the boy totally has a thing for Belle. If you know that it makes it much easier to shop. And of course once again Legos are still a good option, but if they're a little older say closer to 7 than 3 it really opens you up to a lot more of the awesome playsets they have.

From ages 7-10 you should probably try and ask the child what their interested in, at this age generalized gifts are a bit harder, but you can usually get away with the latest movie, or toy craze.

Children are very easy to shop for, most of the time you can buy nearly anything aimed at their age range, and if the child is picky than I'm certain their parent or the child themselves will have some ideas for you.