Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gift Guide for Him

I know, I know it's always harder to shop for the guy in your life, but there are some easy gifts that most people tend to overlook that are always lovely.

First up are Fragrances, personally I love giving sets that include a shave balm or lotion. You pay nearly the same as you would for the Fragrance alone, but you get more for your money. Among my favorite scents for men are Burberry Brit, Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb and YSL L'Homme Libre. These 3 sets are particularly lovely and they all come with an after shave balm as well as at least one other varying item. Or if he's indecisive you can get him the Sephora Favorite's Fragrance Sampler For Him . Similar to the lady's version in that he gets a voucher for a full size, but they're all men's fragrances. I think this is lovely for the guy who's picky about his scent since he can try them all out and then choose his favorite. 

Then there's skincare which is always a nice gift. I'm really fond of he Jack Black skincare range, and they have a great set of their facial essentials available in either trial or full size. They also have a kit that just has their beard lube and daily moisturizer. Or if the Jack Black Range doesn't appeal to you Clinique has a set of men's skincare called Great Skin for Him . As as with the Fragrances there is a Sephora Favorites Finest Shave Deluxe Sampler Kit for Him. If you don't want to purchase from Sephora, Kiehls Has some lovely skincare sets and all their products are unisex although they do have a just for him range

All guys love gadgets, and if you have money to spare then an Ipad is a great option. Or if you don't have quite as much money an Itunes gift card would be good too. If he's already got an Ipad Jack Spade makes some great cases for the Ipad and the Iphone. There are also tons of really cool Iphone accessories that you can get on Amazon.

Of course Jack Spade also has some great accessories in general, and a practical gift of gloves and a scarf or a nice tie is always appreciated. I know they sort of seem lame or cliche but if they're well thought out and luxury there really quite lovely. And if he's your boyfriend or husband a nice scarf and hat are especially sweet when coupled with cute or dorky note, because you're giving him something he'll use all winter long.

If he's super geeky or a gamer, has the best gifts and I'm especially fond of their tees. I have a friend who I buy one for every year for Christmas and he's always happy with them. ThinkGeek doesn't just have nerdy gifts though, they also have things like whiskey stones and a DIY Juice to Alcohol Kit. Which are perfect gifts for that uncle you don't know what to get, or that guy who just turned 21 that's really into drinking.

 For the musician there are always great headphones, which can range from Beats audio to Apple to Sony which has a great range of prices. If he plays an instrument its always great to give him a gift card to a local music shop like Guitar Center or Willis Music. This is especially nice, because instruments often require parts to be replaced, new drum sticks or skins for your percussion instruments, reeds and other things for your wind instruments, strings and picks or bows for your string instruments. These small pieces need replaced often and a gift card would go a long way in helping that replacement out.

 So what are you getting for your guy this Christmas?