Thursday, November 15, 2012

Have you heard of: Bootights

Okay I live in an area where it gets really cold. Which I absolutely love, but I tend to sort of freeze to death come winter time. Especially for dressy occasions, when I have to wear a skirt or dress. Usually I'm more than happy to pair it with my boots and some tights, but my feet still get cold if I have to spend much time standing in the snow because the foot area of tights aren't very thick. And it's a pain in the butt to wear socks with tights for more warmth.

Well apparently a company made a solution for that. They're called Bootights. The concept is that Boots+Tights=Bootights. I discovered them because they followed me on twitter and I looked at their page, and that's it. I haven't tried their product yet, but the idea was so ingenious I had to blog about it. I hope to place an order with them soon, because seriously this is amazing. They're tights, and instead of normal tight feet, they have socks attached to the end. Somehow that seems both simple and earth shattering at the same time.

I'm sure any other girl who wears dresses in the winter, or lives in a cold area can agree with me how many winter problems these solve. Boots and dresses are a very common fashion choice, and tights are usually thrown in once the weather starts getting colder. The problem with that is the foot area of tights are usually thinner once you put them on, so not only are your feet colder, but they don't offer much in the way of comfort or padding. If you add in a pair of socks either over or under the tights, you end up with bunching and possibly sweaty uncomfortable feet. But bootights foot area is more like a sock, so it's thicker for warmth and wicks away moisture like a sock would and padded similar to a sock. Plus most of my tights get ruined at the feet first, so I think these would last so much longer?

My favorite tights on the site are the Draper Herringbone and the Clark Cable. Aside from really liking the tights themselves I really like the retro names as well. How cute are the word play names there? Don Draper and Clark Gable, adorable. The prices aren't bad, they seem to range from $30 to $40 usd. Which when you factor in how much longer they'll last you and how much warmer you'll be really seems worth it to me.

Have you heard of this brand before? Are you going to try them out?