Thursday, November 8, 2012

Absolute favorite thing about Christmas

I have a lot of favorite things about Christmas time, the lights, the decorations, the colors, the food and drinks, the snow. And you will be hearing about all of them soon enough, but today's post is going to be about my absolute favorite thing about Christmas Time. A sort of kick off to a series of posts if you will.

It's about Gifts. I adore giving gifts. I love everything about it except how much money I spend doing it. I love the planning and shopping, and seeing people open them, but especially wrapping them. Oh I complain about it when the time comes because I have to stay up til 3 am a few days before Christmas to get them all wrapped, but really that's all false. I have a little routine that involves me spreading out all over my living room floor after everyone's gone to bed, and cocoa and christmas films non stop til I've finished.

The wrapping isle's in stores get me very excited, I just want to buy everything. I love ribbons and paper and bows and stickers and tags, and tape and ink pens for name writing, glitter, twine, cards and boxes. It all just makes me so happy. I love a beautifully presented gift. As anyone who follows me on Pinterest can tell. I've been pinning pictures of gifts all morning. And planning how I'm going to wrap my presents this year. The past 3 years I've used wrapping paper with Dr. Suess's The Grinch on. I adore that movie, but I'll talk more about that in my favorite holiday movies post. But this year I think I want something more glittery. Or something simpler. I was thinking of doing parchment paper, and creating little swirls of glitter on it once wrapped and then tying with a glittery twine if such a thing exists and sparkly tags.

Now I will say I don't like oddly shaped gifts that are hard to wrap. I really like to wrap boxes or books, things that are easy to wrap. I don't put the oddly shaped things in to boxes, I just wrap them as they are, but I'm never happy with the turn out. I have found a new way that for smaller odd things I'm going to try this year, and if it works out I'll let you know. I'm just so excited to get started wrapping things and putting them under my tree (that won't go up until Thanksgiving).

 I said this post was sort of a kick off, well that's because I plan on putting up some Christmas Gift Guides soon. For Him, For Her, and For Children. Since I love buying presents so much, I make these sort of lists for myself all the time. There will also be a What I Want for Christmas post coming up soon.