Saturday, November 3, 2012

Movie Night In

I was curled up on my sofa today watching my favorite movie, The Holiday, which I try and only watch around the Holiday Season because that's when it's best. If I watch it in the Summer when it's not cold, then it just makes me miss cold weather. I don't actually like being cold, but I love the cold weather clothing. I love it so much that if I could I would actually move to where it were cold all the time, like to England (Surprised are we?).

Since watching my favorite movie got me thinking about cold weather, it also got me thinking about my perfect Movie night in outfit. I actually prefer nights in, particularly in the winter time. I'd much rather stay in and snuggle up on the couch with a cup of tea, and watch it snow outside, than be out driving around in it. I tend prefer to wear leggings and a slouchy sweater when I know I don't really have anywhere to be in the winter time. That way if I do have to go out I can just throw on jeans over the leggings for added warmth and I'm good to go. So I sat down tonight and decided to pick out my dream movie night in uniform. If I had no budget, this is the outfit I would pick out. Okay I realize the entire outfit is from Jack Wills, but honestly I kinda am really lusting after everything they have in stock right now, so that probably has a lot to do with it.

Perfect Movie Outfit
First is the Rothbrook Crew. It's a little long and a bit slouchy and understated in the branding with Mr. Wills embroidered near the hem. At roughly $79.50 usd it's really not that bad for a cozy top you'll wear over and over again.
Then there's the Bromley Leggings. I adore these they're $39.50 which is a great price considering they're fair isle print. Not something I would wear out of the house, except maybe to an ugly sweater party, but I would wear the hell out of them at home. They just look so cozy, and snuggly and honestly this is the one thing that I'm definitely purchasing from this list.
Next are the Rastrick Socks. At $16.50 a pair they're a bit pricey for socks, but I love socks and these just look so snuggly and warm. I would need to buy them in both colors, because I match my stocks in length and weight, but not actually in color. Having mismatched socks just makes me feel very happy.
Finally I added in the Durston Blanket and the Empson Cushion, which are $148 and $69.50 respectively, because this was a no budget thing and as a general rule I like to have a blanket and cushion when I watch a movie, but I absolutely need them if it's a spooky movie.

This outfit is definitely at the top of my wishlist, those leggings especially. Do you have a winter night in/movie night/girlie night in uniform? Or maybe a shop whose stock you're absolutely lusting after? Tell me in the comments.