Friday, November 16, 2012

Rapunzel Rapunzel

I suffer from something called Hair Envy. It's a horrible affliction that started right after the first time my hair was cut off.

You see I used to have long swishy hair with side swept bangs. I could flat iron it in the morning and it would look exactly the same 2 days later. If I curled it I had that awesome Victoria Secret Hair. I mostly had the same hair cut for years, sometimes I would do blunt bangs instead of side swept but it was mostly the same. Then one day I went to the place where I normally went to get my hair trimmed just to get an inch or 2 taken off because of heat damage and all that. My usual lady wasn't there, she had quit or something, so someone else cut my hair. You see where this is going don't you? Yep, she screwed it up, cut it uneven and to fix it she decided to take 6 more inches off to repair it. I decided I was okay with that because like I said, I've always had great hair so I thought this would change nothing.

I was wrong, since then I found a hairdresser I love again and I've mostly kept my hair at shoulder length but I've never been happy with it. It never seems to lay right, or curl right and I spend way more time fussing with it now than I used too. When it was long it took forever to style but then it would stay like that until I washed it. Now I have to take forever styling it everyday or it looks like awful.

So I suffered from major hair envy, I'd look at all these actresses that had short, great hair and be jealous and each time I'd go to the hair dresser I'd get a different style cut than the last time. I've had my hair cut like Emma Stone's and Alyson Hannigan recently.  But it never works out the way I plan it too.

Then last night while looking at Zoe's blog and watching old youtube video's of hers, I realized I missed my long hair. Like a lot. Then I realized why my short hair is so unruly. I've had hair dressers tell me that I have Thick, Fine hair with natural wave. Now I know that sounds contradicting but what that means is I have thin hair strands but a lot of it, with a wavy texture. When it's long it's heavier so it lays better. When it's short the waves twist around each other and get tangled and I get cow licks because there isn't as much weight pulling it down. So I'm growing it back out.

So I had my husband help me measure how much I have to grow out my hair before it's roughly Zoe's length. 10 inches. This sort of feel's like it's going to take forever, but I'm going to talk with my hairdresser about the best way to do it, and just go for it. I'm super impatient and I've caught myself tugging at the ends in frustration. Then I realized that this is actually a habit, that I probably developed the first time my hair was cut off.

So I'll keep you updated maybe do pictures or something. I actually thought about getting a white tee and marking the inches off with a sharpie and taking a once a month picture for a monthly hair update post.

So do you suffer from hair envy? Do you think I'm crazy for trying to grow my hair back out? Lemme know if the comments below.