Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Snow Day Chic

Since I posted my perfect outfit for staying in and watching a movie, I decided to also post my perfect Snow Day outfit. I actually mentioned that I have a dream playing in the snow outfit  in an older post about my obsession with Hunter boots, well this is that outfit. This outfit is very preppy and snuggly at the same time, absolutely perfect for a date to go sledding or building a snow fort. This is also the perfect outfit for an outdoor Christmas fair, or even Christmas Tree Shopping. I like how you'd still be bundled up and completely warm, but you'd still be completely adorable. Lets get into the details of the outfit.

Snow Day PlayStarting with the base of this outfit is this Jack Wills Wellbrook Shrunken Cable sweater. I love cable knit sweaters, and this one with it's mixed chunky cables is just adorable. It's a little on the pricey end at $128, but it is a classic. Definitely well worth it for something you're going to wear for the rest of your life.
Obviously you'll need some skinny jeans, and I chose these Jeggings from American Eagle. These are super cute, and cozy since they're jeggings rather than jeans, but make sure you size up as they tend to run small. Bonus these are on sale right now for $34.99. I've owned these before and wore them to their death, maybe I should pick up another pair while they're on sale.
Then for outerwear I chose this Eton Quilted Jacket for Jack Wills, it's an updated version of the classic British Hacking Jacket, and I think it's so cute and preppy. It's $148 and definitely a classic piece.
I also chose the Bostonian Beanie from Superdry, it's $40 and very well worth the price. Superdry hats are the coziest snuggliest hats ever. I love the flakey charcoal color, it's one of my favorite colors for winter, and well forever.
For a scarf I thought this Wool Plaid scarf from J.Crew was absolutely adorable. It's $49.50, and even though it's lightweight, since it's made out of wool, it's still really warm without adding a ton of bulk to your outfit.
And of course if you're playing outside, you'll need mittens and these Moss Stitch Convertable Mittens are absolutely cozy and snuggly and a bargain at $24.95.
Finally my favorite part of this outfit Red Original Short Gloss Hunter Boots and Hunter Wellie Socks in cream. This is probably my favorite part of this outfit. As well all know I adore Hunter Boots to the point that I'm absolutely obsessed with them. If I don't buy anything else on this list I will definitely be getting these, and Hopefully soon. The boots are $125 and the socks are $25. The Wellie socks are especially important because they turn the boots into snow boots. They keep you're feet extra warm, especially since you can wear regular socks underneath these. I could go on and on about these and actually I already have.

Do you have any wintery dates planned? What do you plan to wear? Lemme know in the comments.