Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What to Wear: Christmas Day

I don't know about you but I've already started thinking about what I'm going to wear for Christmas Day.  I always seem to spend it one of two ways. Usually we go to my husband's family's and have dinner there since we usually go to my family's on Christmas Eve, but sometimes we cram in both family visits on Christmas Eve and spend a lazy day at home Christmas Day. Either way it's mostly a chill relaxed sort of day. So I've set up 2 different outfits that would be perfect for either way. I don't know how your family spends Christmas, but we tend to spend it eating and drinking, and that usually requires comfort, so the leggings in both these outfits are probably the most important part.

Christmas Day I'd wear this first outfit if I were spending the day lounging about at home watching Christmas movies and eating cookies.
It's all from Gilly Hicks but it just looks so snuggly, and cozy I couldn't resist. Its the Lilyfield Sweater in cream, and the Malabar Sleep Leggings in red stripe, and finished by the Cozy Socks. As you know I don't match my socks by color, and I love the bow on these and that they're all the same length which makes them super easy to mismatch together.

The second outfit is if I had to leave the house, I like to be dressed up but still really comfortable. I think this Sequin blazer from American Eagle, Perfect Racerback Tank from Madewell, Pixie Pants from J. Crew, and Riding Boots from Zara are perfect for this sort of outfit. It's still really dressy with the Sequined blazer and black boots, but the easy tank, pixie pants and the riding boots being flat make this outfit still really comfortable and cozy. I especially love the pixie pants in this outfit. They have a great fit, and look amazing but they're totally just like wearing your coziest leggings.

What are your Christmas Day traditions? and just as importantly, what are you going to wear?