Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What to Wear: Thanksgiving Day

I can't believe I totally skipped over Thanksgiving. It's not that I forgot about it, just that I'm more excited for Christmas. But with Thanksgiving less than 2 weeks away I'm definitely thinking about what I'm going to wear. What you wear all depends on how you celebrate. I personally prefer dressing casual, but no matter what you wear it should be comfortable enough to get you through curling up for the morning parade, stuffing yourself with dinner and then napping through the football games. Well that's how I spend my day anyway. And I always finish off the day with Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving.Thanksgiving Day
 So the first outfit is really cozy and even though it's super casual I couldn't resist adding in a little sparkle.. The sequin sleeves on this Aerie Shine Tee, are absolutely adorable, as are these Silver Glitter Headbands from Emi-Jay. Then I couldn't decide between the Bromley Leggings or the Amberstone Leggings from Jack Wills. I would go with the Bromley Leggings because I just love them, but I could understand how they might be a bit too out there than some people would be comfortable with, so the Amberstone leggings offer the same amount of comfort, but in a more understated way. Then for shoes I thought these Minnetonka Concho Feather Moccasins would be perfect. I have a pair of the regular Moccasins from Minnetonka and they're super cozy, and these ankle bootie ones look even more cozy for winter and are definitely on my list. Finally I finished off the outfit with this adorable Glitter Bow Bracelet from Aerie.

Of course I know that for a lot of people Thanksgiving is a dress up holiday. I though that this Topshop Skater Dress would be adorable with these Polka Dot Tights from Hue. This J.Crew Heart ring is so dainty and cute, I kinda adore it. Then I have 2 different options for shoes, there are these Burgundy heels or these Black Velvet Loafers. I would go for the Loafers because I am not a heels kind of girl. But if you are these burgundy heels are right on trend and absolutely adorable. Finally you can top the outfit off with this Aerie Jeweled Headband. I think it makes this outfit kind of princessy. Which I totally love.

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions? And what are you planning on wearing?