Friday, November 9, 2012

Winter Spotlight: The Duffle Coat

Before I begin doing my gift guides, I first thought I would tell you guys about my favorite kind of coat for fall and winter.It's the Duffle Coat. Duffle Coats are probably one of the most classic styles of coats next to the Pea Coat. I remember wanting one since I was a child and discovered that Paddington Bear wore one. So I've made a list of my favorites, I especially love the plaid lining that's in most of these. They're mostly found done by British designers but I did find a few that were easily accessible here in the States.

Duffle Coats
The first one is one that I actually own it's the Duffle Coat from Delias. I have this in Navy Blue and it's perfect, and at a really great price. The only thing I would change about it is it doesn't have the plaid lining that I love in all the other one. Honestly I hate when coats have that satiny sort of lining, because if you're just wearing a tee shirt and it's cold out side then the lining is cold.  But for $79.50, it's really not a bad deal. Plus it's nearly an exact copy of one of the Topshop Coats that Taylor Swift owns, the one that I feel in love with 2 years ago.

Next up is this Hooded Wool-Felt Duffle Coat from Burberry. This is sort of my dream coat. Really I love Burberry, I'm absolutely obsessed with it. It's insanely expensive at $895, which makes me sad since that means I can't possibly own this coat anytime soon. But I adore it. It's got the classic Burberry check for the lining, and it's a lovely gray that will go everything and is really the perfect winter coat.
Then there is the Navy Wool Buttermere Duffle Coat from Barbour. I really like this coat, but at $400+ usd I'd rather save for the Burberry. But it's still a really nice coat, and it's lined in the Barbour tartan fabric, which  would make this a warm snuggly coat where you don't have to worry about a cold lining.

There's also this Gloverall Long Duffle Coat in Cranberry. This coat is knee length whereas the others hit at your hip or mid thigh. It's definitely good if you want to stay warmer or are interested in a longer coat to go with dresses. I really like the color of this and the matching red check lining. It's £295 and I don't know if they ship to the states. Plus since they're kinda the ones who did Duffle coats first, so Gloverall bears some looking into.

Now this next one from American Eagle is a men's coat and it's the AE Hooded Duffle Coat on sale right now for $130. This one has a lovely navy and red check lining and looks very snuggly. I had to throw in a coat for the guys, but honestly Duffle coats are gender neutral so the ladies could pull this one off as well.

Okay I sort of love Superdry almost as much as I love Burberry, and I would totally snatch their Classic Duffle Coat if I had the expendable cash, but unfortunately right now $330 is a bit out of my price range. They also have a men's version of this that as far as I can tell only the lining is different. Hopefully they'll have a Christmas or end of Winter sale, and I'll be able to pick it up.

Finally is this Bound Seam Duffle Coat from Topshop. Taylor Swift also owns this coat. Is the fact that Taylor Swift has this coat a good reason to buy it, probably not. But the fact that it's warm and cute are good reason to buy it. The lining is adorable and it's perfect if you just turn the sleeves up a bit. and at $178 it seems like a perfectly reasonable price to pay for a coat you'll probably wear for a few years. 

If you need a coat now I recommend finding your favorite and snagging it, but if you're like me and get a new coat every year, then if I were you, I'd do what I do and wait til they go on sale. At the end of Season, or buy in mid summer like I did with my Delias coat.

Honestly though I am getting a bit tired of the coat exchange and am going to start investing a bit more in my coats so I like them better and they'll be warmer, because once it snows I'll probably have to pull out my Kenneth Cole Reaction Down Coat which I have in the Mocha color. But even that one is a bit cold because of the lining. I think I'm going to start saving for a Superdry coat.