Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blogmas Day 13: Soup and a Ramble

I've been really sick for the past few days with various symptoms that have made me feel generally yucky, but today it's culminated into a full on cold. So I've mostly spent the day drifting in and out of sleep on my couch and reading Aunt Dimity books on my nook. Now I'm curled up in my favorite pink blanket, and about to have my favorite soup.

That soup is Campbell's 100% Natural New England Style Beef Pot Roast. That's an exceptionally long name for soup, but it's my absolute favorite. Whenever it's in stock I buy as many cans of it as I can to keep stocked up on it.  I'm also pretty found of that bowl, it sort of makes me exceptionally happy. A bit silly yes, but when you're sick it's the little things. And  yes that is sitting on a Glossybox box, I've had the glossybox I won for a while and haven't gotten around to taking pictures and doing a review on it yet. I will soon, hopefully.

I promised I'd show you my tea pot and tea cups, I was going to wait until I had more tea cups, but due to Christmas I'm on a bit of a spending ban and it'll be a while before I buy another. I really do love my little blue tea pot, it makes me super happy and I feel cozy whenever I have a pot of tea brewed.

As I mentioned before the cups are from Anthropologie and the Tea Pot is made by a company called For Life. I usually drink some mixture of Early Grey Creme, Scarlett Cloud or Citrus Lavender Sage from Teavana. The book is also from Anthropologie, I bought it around Valentines Day last year. I thought it looked really cute and it matches the theme of that shelf.

There were flurries the other night, but none of it stuck so we still don't have any actual snow.  Since it was errands night, I did get to see the "hyper drive" snow. I didn't have any gloves with me and it was really cold so I bought these.

I was a bit inspired by Zoella's panda mittens when I purchased these, but mostly because my nickname is ManaBear. I'm kinda in love with them because they're super snuggly and match everything. The tip of the thumb flips back so I can still use my phone. Also I've been running around all day with them on making  horrible "with my bear hands" jokes. My nails are not black by the way, I have on one coat of Essie's Midnight Cami and a coat of Deborah Lippmann's Across The Universe. Fun Fact: when I showed Across The Universe to my Husband he said I had to buy it because it had Universe in the title and it looked like space. He's a big fan of space and universe-y things.

It's Taylor Swift's birthday today and they're releasing the video for I knew you were trouble on MTV this afternoon so I'm sorta really excited about that. I hop I'm awake for it.

Well that's about it for today, my soup should be cool enough to eat now, so I'm going to eat that and maybe have another nap.