Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blogmas Day 19: Hot Cocoa and Nail Polish

It's Blogmas Day 19 and I'm still sick! Which is terrible because according to Norad, Santa leaves the North Pole in 4 Days. For those of you doing the math on that one if you'll remember the international date line and that China is a full day ahead of us then the math is correct. Anyways I've been spending a lot of time curled up with Cocoa, watching Christmas movies, and whining about how awful I feel.

Isn't my cocoa so pretty? I topped it with Cool Whip and a ton of mini marshmellows. I thought it was so pretty sitting there that I had to take a picture.

I  also took a picture of what I had on my nails the other day when I did my lip swatches for day 17

Normally I'm not a big fan of pastel's for winter, but I've had some variation of Red and glitter or dark grey on my nails since Thanksgiving. Since I wanted to shake things up a bit I went for Mint and Glitter, and as you can see there is Red Glitter in that bottle. I know I was trying to branch out, but it is the Christmas Season.  I used 2 coats of Essie's Mint Candy Apple and then I did a crescent moon of the glitter and then used what was left on the brush to dot glitter all over the nail. I plan to do my nails this way for my family's Christmas Party but most likely with An Affair in Red Square by OPI instead of mint.

I had hoped to get Lancome's Flirty Red to wear for Christmas, but when I went to get it they were sold out or something because I didn't get it. I do love an Affair in Red Square though and I bought it last year with Sephora by OPI's Only Gold For Me when Red nails with Gold Glitter tips was the thing that everyone loved.

I haven't done that combo yet this year and I might but I quite like doing the crescent of glitter instead of the tips. I'll paint my nails that tonight and if I can get a good picture I'll add into tomorrow's post.

Tomorrow's post may actually be on all my favorite winter polish's since I haven't done one yet, and I do have a lot of polishes.