Monday, December 3, 2012

Blogmas Day 3: Holiday Traditions

It's Blogmas Day 3 and for today's post I've decided to write about my family's Christmas/Holiday Traditions. I am a huge fan of Traditions and doing things the way they've always been done. I'm not opposed to progress either. I support Gay Marriage wholeheartedly, but family Traditions, if they work, I think they should be kept.

Our Holiday Traditions start with putting up our Decorations on Black Friday. They start with putting up the tree, and the lights, running out for more lights and finishing with The Grinch. We always put it up in the same way with the most special ornaments going on the tree last.

Then the very next weekend my husband and I take our son our local mall. First we go to Macy's to mail his letter to Santa and then we always buy one of the Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus ornaments. Next we make a stop at the Angel Tree to pick out a child's name to buy a present for. This is probably my favorite part of this Tradition, because then my son picks out a present for the other child, and I get warm fuzzy this is so adorable feelings. After all this is done we go see Santa for his pictures. Sometimes this gets down out of order, and depending on how people feel and how busy places are.

Another favorite Tradition I have is one that's all my own. A few days before Christmas I stay up after everyone's gone to bed and wrap presents and watch my favorite Christmas movies. This usually involves spiked eggnog and is usually done on a Friday so I can sleep in the next morning.

Somewhere in here is ABC Family's Harry Potter Weekend, and when that comes around I cancel all my plans and curl up with my son to watch as many of the movies as we can cram in. I love Harry Potter and the first movie makes me feel so Christmas-y. I've watched this every year since the movies started coming out. Surprisingly I don't own the movies. I really want them though and you can buy all 8 here for $33.

Then comes Christmas Eve and the pajama exchange. I love this, we've done this every single year since our son was born and it's definitely my favorite. I love picking out different pajama's for my son and husband and I love seeing the pajama's my husband picked for me. It makes me feel warm and cozy to go to sleep in fresh pajamas and wake up on Christmas morning.

Another tradition from when I was growing up, that has held out and my family loves is the one where I fall in the tree every year. It always happens no matter how hard I try not too. Last year I even sorta caught it on video, fast forward to about the 8:30 mark, it happens soon after that. This has to do with how klutzy I am and somewhere along the way members of my family noticed it happening and started waiting for it.