Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Blogmas Day 4: Stocking Stuffers

For today's Blogmas post I'm writing about Stocking Stuffers. I already did a gift guides for him, for her and  for children, but more often than not people forget about stocking stuffers. I know I do, I either forget them or I put them off to the last minute. Sometimes it's hard to think of stuff that's little but will still fit in the stocking and is interesting.

So I compiled a list of things that I think will work overall for most people. This list is especially good if you've put off shopping for Stocking Stuffers until the last minute.

1. Nail Polish. Really it's the perfect stocking stuffer, I don't know many men that wear nail polish but there are nail polish lines for men. While it may not be the best for the men in your life, it would be absolutely lovely for the lady in your life.  There are lots of brands out there but Lancome, Essie, Butter London, Deborah Lippmann and China Glaze are my favorites.

2. Trial Sized Beauty Products. I know this is another one that seems aimed only at women but there are actually trial sizes for men too. Jack Black and Kiehls have some lovely products for men that come in trial sizes, but even most of the full sizes would fit in a stocking. For Ladies, I recommend Caudalie and once again Kiehls has a lot of really nice products and almost all of them come in a small size.

3. Lip Gloss/Chapstick. For the Ladies in the range of lipgloss Stila has some gorgeous glosses. For either gender you could go with Jack Black Lip Balm or Caudalie Lip Conditioner.

4. Gift Cards are amazing for stocking stuffers you could easily pick up an itunes card or one for Amazon or Barnes and Noble, they're easy and they work for anyone

5. Earbuds are also awesome stocking stuffers, they're tiny and everyone can use a pair. Apple has amazing ones but you can always get ones from Sony. Or Marc by Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade have earbuds as well depending on your price limits.

6. Ornaments are good, and they're best when they mean something so I'm not going to recommend any but really think about the person and scour the internet and stores until you find something you know they'd adore.

7. Moleskine Notebooks. They're perfect for anyone to put in their purses or to carry around with them in their pockets. Great for the listmaker or writer in your life. Bonus- They also come in larger sizes if you want to use this as a bigger gift.

8.Small silly toys are always good. You could go in store build a Lego Minifig that looks just like them or nothing like them, if they'd like that sort of thing. A yoyo or a slinky may be exactly what they need to bring back childhood memories and put them right back into the Christmas Spirit.

9. If you know their favorite Candy I say fill it to the brim. Almost everyone has a favorite candy or snack that's tiny enough to fit in a stocking. Multiples of this are best.

10. Hair Bobbles. Emi-Jay makes some great ones that I swear by. There's sort of a craze surrounding them and lots of copies, but I still maintain that the Emi-Jay ones are the best, and they make pretty cute bracelets too.

11. Socks. The more crazy the pattern the better. You can find them anywhere from your local Target to Kate Spade/Jack Spade.

12. Iphone Wallet. Perfect for the guy that doesn't want to carry anything but his phone.

13. A Mug. Barnes and Noble has some cute ones, as does Anthropologie. This is another gift that's pretty personal since you want it to become their favorite for their morning cuppa.

14. DVD. These are perfect stocking size, you could pick out a Christmas movie to be watched that day, or one that's been recently released. Also a surprise Netflix subscription would be adorable.

15. Keychain. This is another sort of sweet gift that you want to put a bit of thought into. You want the person to like it enough to hang it from their keys and it'll going to remind them of you whenever they use their key.