Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blogmas Day 5: Pretend Anthropologie Shopping Spree

Today's Blogmas doesn't actually have much to do with Christmas at all. It's in the spirit of this blog though, it's frivolous and it makes me happy.

Sometimes the shopping bug bites you and you have the uncontrollable urge to shop, and nothing except shopping will make it any better. I've been bit by the shopping bug, and it's driving me nothing short of crazy.

You'd think this was good news, being that it's Christmas Time, and it mostly is, except I'm almost done with my shopping, all out of money and have been bitten by the I have nothing to wear bug. Which means I've been spending my time online "shopping", and since shopping in quotations means your not actually buying anything, it also means you have no budget. Which means I've been "shopping" at Anthropologie. Surprisingly I've found some things I could definitely afford if I hadn't spent all my money on Christmas presents.

First there are the scarves, I love scarves and considering I just paid $39 for the yarn to knit one (I finished it but I might unknit it and make it wider and a bit shorter), I don't think the prices of these are outrageous. I'd probably wouldn't buy more than one at a time, but I'd be hardpressed to choose what I'd buy first. I think my absolute favorite it is a toss up between the Frequency Flecked Cowl and the Chunky Paisley Loop. These both look so snuggly and I could easily imagine them tossed on with a long sleeve tee, some skinny jeans and boots. I really like the texture in both of them but I think the Chunky Paisley Loop definitely has more character. I'm also a huge fans of the Verdant Violet Scarf the colors are amazing, and while the rich tones definitely make it cold season appropriate it looks lightweight enough to wear all year long. The last two scarfs I kinda fell in love with are the Shimmer-Dusted Loop and the Janpath Patchwork Scarf. The Shimmer-Dusted Loop looks like it would be the perfect touch to a frosty winter outfit, maybe the pop of color on top of a winter white coat. I love patchwork but I normally prefer it on blankets than rather than clothing. (I was not a fan of the patchwork jeans trend, especially not after Britney and Justin suited up in it) but for this scarf I'd make an exception.

Then I found a bunch of tops I love and would wear all of them to their deaths. The Nauticus Pocket Top in either Neutral Motif or Red Motif are gorgeous. I really love the details on the pocket, the flowers on the Neutral Motif top are perfect lead up to spring touch, and the Red Motif top's grey polka dotted top are adorable and so cute for year round wear. The Duo Colorblock Top in Mint Partitioned Bands Tee in grey both look really cozy and perfect for a lazy day. Though my favorite lazy day top I found is the Perpetual Wear Tee in orange, it looks like it would be perfect to toss on with leggings and to stay curled up inside with a book on a stormy day. Then a top that slightly out of my price range but I adore anyway is the Woven Borders Buttondown, I adore the mix of stripes and floral, it could easily be worn dressed up, untucked with jeans or under a sweater.

 I do believe you have to pay more for a good dress, but I would still probably try to wait and see if these two went on sale. First up is the Threaded Trails Swing Dress in Dark Grey, it's the perfect easy everyday dress that you can change up by adding a belt or tights and a cardigan and scarf. The other dress that I adore is the Eton Marble Dress in Neutral. I adore the floral print on the body, the shear top and sleeves and the bow sash. It really is the perfect dress for me and would be much loved and worn. While I prefer the Neutral Motif myself the Green Motif is pretty cute with the peacocks, though at first I thought it was some sort of watercolor tribal print at first.

The final clothing item I fell in love with is the Madeline Army Jacket. The Lace and floral fabric on the cuffs and pocket flaps are what absolutely make this jacket for me. Plus the cute bear pin and bit of lace through the button hole, but I have to say the absolute best part are the snail and the fish wearing stilettos on the front pockets which were done by Parisian artist Florence Balducci. It's definitely way out of my price range for now but it was too cute not to include.