Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blogmas Day 9: Liz Earle Skincare Haul/Review

For Blogmas Day 9, I have Skincare Haul. As you may know, because I did a whole post on my acne struggles here, I've had terrible skin for the past 3 years or so, but I've finally found a skincare routine that has it under control, and I couldn't be happier. I mentioned in the post about my skin that I was going to order the Liz Earle range to see how my skin would react. Well I had bought a trial size of the products and after just 2 weeks of use my skin cleared up so much I decided to take the chance on the full sizes of the products.

I'm so excited about all the products that I decided to do a review/haul, so below I have what I bought and then I'll talk about how I use the products.

First I purchased the Skincare Essentials Gift Set:
This Set includes a limited edition 150 ml Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, 200 ml Instant Boost Skin Tonic and a 50 ml Skin Repair Moisturizer in Dry/Sensitive and 2 Pure Muslin Cloths. I thought this was a really good value at $73.50 USD for the entire set.

Next I purchased some spare Muslin Cloths:
I got the 3x2 Pure Muslin Cloths for $15 USD. If you live in the UK you can pick up muslin cloths from Mothercare, but if you're in the States like I am you're a bit out of luck and literally the only other place I found them was from Amazon for an outrageous price.

Then since I needed to put my order over the $90 USD mark in order to qualify for the promotion they were having (and still are) I ordered a trial size of the Deep Cleansing Mask.
The Cleansing Mask comes with 2 sponges meant to be used to remove the mask. I haven't tried it yet but it smells nice. It was $9 USD and is 15 ml. I also received a trial size of the moisturizer which is also 15 ml as the complimentary gift with every order which is pictured on the left.

Since I reached the $90 USD mark I was sent the Gift For You set worth $48 USD:

This "Gift For You" set includes a 30 ml Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, 50 ml Instant Boost Skin Tonic, 15 ml Skin Repair Moisturizer, 15ml Hand Repair and a 5g Superbalm. I like having the trial sizes as they're perfect to travel with or for emergency use if I run out of a product before I can repurchase or it gets here since I have to order from the UK. The Hand Repair and the Superbalm were immediately chucked into my handbag, and both smell lovely.

About the Packaging: Okay first, how pretty is it? I love the shades of Blue and Mint for the products with the bright pop of Red on the Holiday packaging. Next to pink these shades of blue are my favorite colors. The bottles and tubes are all matte, and they feel really smooth and nice in your hand. It's easy to control how much  you get out and I haven't had any issues with messes yet. The full size of the cleanser is just absolutely lovely. It just makes me so happy, I adore it.

The Hot Cloth Cleanser is the most fun bit of this range for me. It's so different to anything I've used before and I've used Milk and Oil cleansers and everything in between. What makes this Cleanser so special is how you use it. I take one pump of the product and then on dry skin I dab it around my face like I would my morning foundation including a small dot of it on the center of each eyelid. Then you massage it into your skin saving your eye area for last (especially if you're wearing mascara as there is a panda eyes issue.). Once you've spread it evenly all over your face, you take the muslin cloth and run it under a hand hot tap and gently wring it out. Then you wipe your face in small circular motions with the cloth. I do this in sections on my face, rinsing the cloth in between each section and saving my eye area for last. Then you use the toner and moisturizer like you would any other, but remember a little really does go a long way.

I am honestly so happy with this range and am so grateful to all the UK beauty bloggers that wrote about it, but especially to Zoella as it was her blog post and video on it that convinced me to get it since she seemed to describe the same skin issues I was having at the time I was looking into purchasing it. Bonus note: isn't her hair fabulous? I've got major envy over it currently and have decided to grow mine out since I've had shoulder length hair for the past 2 years.

I do use one other product in my skincare routine, but since it's not Liz Earle and I've been using it for a year so the package is all grubby I've decided not to include it in this post. I will be doing a Skincare routine video after I repurchase that product (soon it's almost out!)  and I'll post that here with all the details of the products then.