Friday, December 28, 2012

Snowed in

Today is the perfect day, it's blustery and snowy outside and I'm all bundled up inside with a backlog of YouTube videos to watch on my iPad and the snuggliest snowman blanket ever made. I had planned to go out, but due to the weather, I'm going to stay home and build a snowman with my munchkin when there's enough snow.

I'm definitely an indoor kind of person, but a storm of any type gets me excited. Mostly i like to stay inside and watch out my window, but I'm game for a romantic walk through the snow or a busy fun day sledging and snowman building. So even though we're sort of snowed in today, I don't mind it at all. I didn't have anywhere important to be so I think it's a perfect way to spend the day. As I'm sure you know because I've mentioned it before I love bundling up and being cozy and snug in a sweater and boots. And since its the perfect sort of blustery day, I was thinking if the Internet were my closet what would I wear today?

I would definitely start with this sweater and these jeans from Topshop, then I'm still completely obsessed with the frequency flecked cowl from Anthropologie. Of course I'd need this coat from Superdry and I'm really in love with these gloves from Kate Spade. For boots it's obviously these red hunter boots with cream wellie socks, did you expect anything else? To top it all of I'd have to go with a hat from Superdry (you see what I did there don't ya), really Superdry do the best hats.

Actually I'm so in love with that coat that I plan on buying it this spring. I always do  my big winter purchases in spring and summer. It gives me time to get it fitted if it needs it, and keeps me from shopping out of desperation. Desperation shopping is the worst because you usually end up spending way to much on something you don't love.

If the Internet were your closet what would you wear today? I know this post is super short but I'm still technically on my mini break. I told you I couldn't stay away. Next post will be my what I got for Christmas post, I plan on taking the pictures tomorrow.