Thursday, July 19, 2012


I've needed reading glasses since I was in 7th grade.  That's 13 years people.  I have never once loved my glasses, or even liked them.  It's always been a case of "that'll do, lets get out of here".  But one of my lessons from Stacy and Clinton, was also a lesson reinforced by my husband (in an utterly separate circumstance, he generally does not watch WNTW) which is if you don't love it don't buy it.  So since it's time for my annual eye exam, I've decided to replace my glasses this year (my prescription usually doesn't change and I only need them for reading, computer, and sometimes laptop work) and had been hunting online for glasses I wanted.  Surprise, Surprise, it was my husband who found them.  This happens a lot actually people, and he's usually my tie-breaker when I don't know which color to buy. It's because he knows me really well, and I often get overwhelmed when making a big purchase and suddenly even if I was super sure before, don't know which one to get.  He usually has me go with my first choice, and it's always right.  But back to the glasses.  The glasses are the Kate Spade Edie glasses.  I am in love with the way they look, and all the reviews say that they're really lightweight, which is absolutely necessary since my current glasses give me terrible headaches behind my ears.  They've actually always done this and it's horrible, since I wear glasses so I don't get headaches when I read. Now I just have to find an optometrist that stocks them or is willing to order them

What I've learned today is to look at my glasses as an accessory since I do sometimes have to wear them in public, and when my sinuses are messed up I can't read a thing without them (it's really weird I swear).  I'm never going to be that girl who wears contacts, mostly because I'll never be that girl that needs to wear her glasses all the time.  Even still, I probably wouldn't do contacts full time, glasses are 100% important.  I had been putting more thought into what I would wear to bed than I was my glasses in the past, and it has caused me to end up with some really stupid looking glasses. Even if you hate that you have to have glasses, get gorgeous ones, they'll make you feel better about them.  Realize they're another accessory, and can be fun or colorful, but still shoot for a bit practical people, else they won't go with everything and you'll look a bit silly.

Monday, July 2, 2012

What I learned from Stacy London and Clinton Kelly

There a few things that anyone who is a regular watcher of What Not to Wear should take away from the show.
  1. How you look outside affects how you feel inside.
  2. If you don't feel fabulous in it, get rid of it, and certainly don't buy it.
  3. Dressing for your body type no matter what size you are can be done
  4. If you love it and it doesn't work now, it can probably be altered.
  5. The better the fabric the better the fit, natural fibers work for a reason
  6. Every woman should own a trench coat.
  7. Don't buy clothing for the weight you want to be, buy it for the weight you are
  8. You deserve to look good no matter your size.
  9. Dressing age appropriately does not have to be boring.
  10. Accessories are important, they can change an entire outfit.
  11. The right underwear completely changes an outfit for the better.
  12. Some things are worth investing in, a Trench Coat, Leather Jacket or a great bag won't go out of style.

If you don't watch What Not to Wear, you should.  After just one episode, I knew I wanted to grow up to be just like Stacy London.  She is the epitome of classy, fashionable and strong.  She was everything the women in my life weren't.  I admired the way that no matter how harsh she is, you can still really see how much she cares, they both care, about the people they are helping.  There are some episodes you see where you can really tell how much she and Clinton are affected by the people they're helping.

This show is why I wanted to grow up to be a stylist, it's why I care so much about my clothing.  My weight has definitely fluctuated through out the years, and I've not let myself hide in sweats and hate my body because of the things I've learned on this show. Instead I went shopping, and while I've had off days, where nothing seems to fit and I hate it all, I've also found wonderful pieces that make me truly happy every time I slip them on.  I love my shape just as much now at 160 as I did when I was 10 or 20 lbs lighter. 

If you haven't watched What Not to Wear you should.