Thursday, August 30, 2012

Closet Clearout breakdown

I've finally done a closet clear out. It's something I've been meaning to do for ages, but just haven't done. And let me tell you now I know why I hadn't done it. It was a long process, and there was no shortage of tears there at the end.

I never considered myself to be super attached to my clothing, they were always a stop on the way to my final style evolution: classic and polished. I would just tuck the things I no longer loved, or that no longer fit to the back and keep the new things I adored to the front.  This it turns out makes for a very full closet, and a very full closet makes you think you have a lot of clothing, and therefore options. Now that is an idea I am attached to, and at the end when the loads of clothing that didn't fit or were unflattering were removed and before my laundry was done, my closet certainly looked to be in a sad state.  This is when the tears came.  Not when I was pulling things out and trying them on, or not trying them on because there is no way in hell I'd ever fit that again as I was a B cup when it was purchased and now depending on who measures me I'm a D to DD.  At that point I was fine, I hadn't worn these things in ages, as the mound grew I remained unfazed.  Then came the end when I realized the cupboards were bare so to speak, and the to be gone pile consisted of an overflowing 13 gallon bin bag and jumbo sized Nordstrom bag (from a shoe purchase during their anniversary sale, that I ended up returning, but kept the bag).

Now I freaked, I had nothing to wear. Never mind the fact that what was going were things I hadn't worn in months, years even.  Never mind that I desperately needed to do laundry as is generally the case. Never mind that what was left were things I do currently wear and love, that are of good quality. None of that mattered.  Nor did it matter that few of my sweaters were in that be gone pile and that side of my closet is still full up.  It's too bloody hot for that crap, I have no everyday clothing. Flash forward to a breakdown on the floor of my closet, later another breakdown on the phone with my best friend who is nearly a billion miles away (I still love you even if you can't seem to get into my timezone).

Then I straightened myself up, washed my face (because being freshly scrubbed makes me feel loads better.) and did laundry.  Well actually I picked all of my shirts out of the laundry that needed washing and did the whole laundry thing.  I still need to to some major shopping, but I'm trying to do it proper, and instead of binging on forever21 and the like, I'm trying to pick things up piece by piece.  Shooting for quality and timelessness. I know it's going to be ages, but I quite like the idea of picking a few things here and there over all of it now.  I also like the all of it now idea, I am torn.  But since I can't afford the later, I'm going with the former.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I will probably never be a regular poster anywhere, not on my blog, not on my youtube channel, hell sometimes I even go a few days without tweeting, unheard of I know.
But that being said, I do keep up with the blogs I read. I try to live and breathe fashion, even when I'm in my schlubiest pajamas right before bed I must check my fashion blogs. I have them on google reader, I follow them on bloglovin on my phone, some I have bookmarked. Many of them are in all three places, except my favorite blog. This blog I have memorized. This is the blog that I'd like to put a spotlight on for a moment.

What I Wore is actually the first fashion blog I remember coming across and falling in love with.  Actually if I remember correctly it's the first one I ever came across. I wasn't looking for fashion blogs at the time and I found her completely by accident searching for a top or scarf or something. It was like a whole new world had opened up for me. I didn't even know blogs like hers existed, but there is was and I was in love.

I will probably forever have a huge girl crush on Jessica Quirk, I mean really look a her, she's so classy and fun, how can you not? Her wardrobe is everything I want to wear when I grow up and I want to grow up right now. She's bright and sunny and adventurous in what she wears, but still manages to look put together occasion appropriate. She's also very approachable, well her internet persona is anyways, but one would assume it would translate. Over twitter she helped me make what was an extremely important and very exciting purchase decision, the color of my Hunters . I went with Green by the way seeing as I live in a small town in Indiana.

I think having a style icon is extremely important. It gives you somewhere to go when you don't know what to wear.  But for me a style icon is a bit more than that. Her blog is where I go when I'm sad, sick or just flat need comfort.  The day of my first car accident, I came home ate pepperoni cheese crackers, watched What Not to Wear and read back posts of What I Wore. I needed comfort and familiarity, and I found that in her blog.  Looking back over posts I had seen before and loved, made me feel homey and comforted, like a fresh from the dryer blanket. (Side note: The accident was a non-incident really, I only really did cosmetic damage to my car and the other car. I was more brokenhearted that I'd had my license less than a month and I'd already done damage, boo!)

Who are your Style Icons?