Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How Shoes Change the Attitutde of an Outfit

My obsession with Hunter Rainboots aside, I do just love shoes in general. I have over 30 pairs currently and while that's not an outrageous amount, since I know people who own more, it is still a lot of shoes.

I think my favorite thing about shoes is how they can completely change an outfit. Your shoes do affect your accessories. But the base of the outfit stays the same Like this:

shoes change outfit

A simple sundress from People Tree and a cute cardigan from La Redoute.  Just the outfit basics, and some shoes I'd pair it with. I'll tell you what accessories I'd add and where I'd wear it too.

Well if I were going to wear these pink ballet flats, then I'd add a soft scarf and a pretty peach colored bangle. I'd probably wear this to a day date or a really casual evening date.

I'm not a big on wearing high heels personally, I don't walk well in them because I have bad knees. These however are lovely and if I were going to wear the heels, I'd wear them to an interview or a nicer date, and I'd add a delicate gold necklace and a gold bow ring.

I know both the options above are really expensive but you can find similar styles at every price range, those were just the first ones that I found that went well with this dress, and I didn't hunt longer because I really wanted to get this post up today.

If I were going on a hiking date or to an outdoor or garage concert I'd probably wear combat boots with some socks that are a bit higher than the boots so they show. I'd also add a long necklace and a bunch of bracelets. This outfit feels very 90's flowerchild/soft grunge to me but I kinda love it.

For an everyday, just running errands and brunch with my friends I'd wear white or maybe mint or peach Converse, toss my hair in a pony tail, add a bracelet or two and maybe some fun earrings and I'm completely ready.

Next to Hunter, Converse is definitely my favorite brand of shoes. They're really comfortable, and they come in a bazillion colors and there are customizable versions as well. They are the only shoes other than heels or ballet flats that I approve of with a fancy dress, like Kirsten Stewart wore here and here. I don't know why but it just works.

So that's four different ways to wear one outfit and the biggest change in any of them is the shoes, the accessories could all go with any of the shoes, they're just how I would personally wear them.