Thursday, January 17, 2013

How To Wear: Converse

Okay Readers, I know I've been talking about Converse for the past 3 days now. Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, I love converse almost as much as I love Hunter boots, but the difference is my love affair with Converse is pretty much reserved for the warmer months. While Hunter's a year round love for me, I just don't see Converse as practical in the dead of winter. Spring and summer though is a different story.

Since I've been talking about them so much for the past couple days, and because I've been obsessing about them (see above), I've decided to show you guys how I would wear white Converse.

I don't actually have a white pair, I want a pair and have asked my lovely husband for a pair for Valentine's Day. I think they're probably the present I put on my wish list that I'm most excited about. It should be noted that they are not listed on my Valentine's Day Gift Guide.... for her, because I hadn't quite become that obsessed with them yet.

 I do own a pair of pink high tops and a pair of black low tops Converse, both of them being the Chuck Taylor All Star style. The brand does other styles but the Chuck Taylor style are the most well known.

Enough of my yammering though and onto the outfits. (with more yammering to follow)
how I wear: converse
As I mentioned in my post The Romance In Traveling and showed in my post How Shoes Change The Attitude Of An Outfit I like wearing Converse with dresses. The first dress option I have is from American Eagle and is a casual dress that I plan on purchasing this spring because it's adorable, and I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of it this summer. I'd pair it up with the Be Mine Pendant from Kate Spade and this Buckle Enamel Bracelet from Michael Kors.

The next outfit is much dressier and it's this cute floral shift dress from Atelier 61 with these Earrings by Topshop and a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac in Black. I'd probably wear this on a date or to a cocktail party where the guest list wasn't so stiff. Or if you're still in school a dance is a great option, that way you can dance all night without having to take off your shoes. I'm kinda really in love with this look.

Then I have a Chambray from Madewell with a a Skater Skirt from Topshop and a Kate Spade watch I'd probably wear this more early spring or late fall, but I think this is a darling outfit for a bookshop excursion or brunch at a bit of a nicer restaurant, not fancy, but not hole in the wall either.

 The last outfit is a Slub Knit Tee from Topshop, American Eagle Colored Denim Midi Shorts with a the Hold The Phone Pendant from Kate Spade and some Lacquered Spade Bangles. This is pretty much my summer uniform, American Eagle Shorts are my favorite, and I tend to wear them all summer long, then all you need is a comfortable tee and some colorful Jewelry. 

I'm sure you noticed that most of the things are either Topshop, Kate Spade or American Eagle, I'm kinda obsessed, but if you're a regular reader you already knew that. Everyone has their favorite brands though, weather they realize it or not. 

How do you wear your converse readers? Or are you anti-converse?