Wednesday, January 9, 2013

In Love with In Love

I'm so "In Love" with Lancôme's spring collection. It's the first time I've ever seen a collection and thought I need things from this collection. Especially everything Emma Watson is wearing in the ad, she just looks so stunning.

I kinda can't help it as I mentioned before I Love, Love, and this collection is called In Love, which I find to be just darling. Now since I'm not the sort of blogger who gets sent things, I haven't actually gotten my hands on this collection yet. But everything looks darling, and I can't wait to go buy things.

Which will be happening soon actually, I'll purchasing a blush, polish and if I'm avery lucky blogger lipstick next week, provided my finances allow. The blush is a necessity, since I've hit pan and then some on my beloved Too Faced Papa Don't Peach, the polish is to replace Sweet Heart and a few others that are that baby pink neutral that just don't quite hit the mark, and the lipstick is because I flat out adore it.

 Wondering which ones I'll be picking up? Well I'm having a hard time decided between the two blushes, which are 20 POMMETTES D or 10 PÊCHE JOUE-JOUE, I really want 20 POMMETTES D because I love the fresh pink shade, but I know I should go for 10 PÊCHE JOUE-JOUE because I'm very pale, and I generally wear peach colors the best. I'll have to wait until I can swatch them. The nail polish that I plan on picking up is the 301M Sugar Rose, which looks like a lovely baby pink and will replace at least two of my nail colors easily. I've had two Lancôme polishes now and they're my absolute favorites to wear, but both shades are very wintry colors and I, like all the collections in stores, am feeling very springy. I actually have a running list of colors I want from the Vernis In Love line and I will be trying very hard to save my pennies and buy those. The lipstick I'm in love with is 110 Urban Ballet which is described as a bright satin pink, but these lipsticks are described as Neon Translucent which being translucent would make it infinitely more wearable. I really want these as I love sheer lip colors (the sheer YSL's are on my to try list as well), actually I really want all of them but Urban Ballet is my favorite.

Also I should note I changed my nails to Essie's Turquoise and Caicos

and Essie's Super Bossa Nova 

I didn't change the design only the colors, but I think I'm going to change it tonight, to what I don't know but you'll find out in my next post.