Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nail change: Live Colorfully

I like things to be bright and colorful and happy and my nails are no exception. The result of this last nail change is really different from my usual nail behaviors but I was so happy with the results I decided it warranted a photograph.

I love how well my iPad case worked with my nail design this week. I think this picture just turned out so cute, and it makes me insanely happy.

To be honest I didn't leave Flirty Tankini on for all that long, I painted my nails too early in the day and having a small child means things to open and do constantly, so they were destroyed by the time I got around to repairing them I was just frustrated.

So I decided a complete change was in order, since I was thinking about rainbows and nail skittling I decided to go for it. So I picked 5 colors I thought went well, brought them out to better lighting and then switched them out so they were all the same finish (creme). Then I thought it looked off, the blue was too bright and the purple was off. After consulting with my husband we swapped them out until I was happy with the line up.

I used Essie's Navigate Her:

Color Club's Clambake Coral:

Essie's Play Date:

OPI's: What's With The Cattitude

China Glaze's: Sugar High

I decided I wanted the colors to be in different places on each hand, so my left hand I painted one nail at a time in order and after I painted each nail I painted a random nail that color on my right hand.

I'm really really happy with how it turned out, and even though its chipping now, I'm fine to leave it chip for a bit. I am thinking of doing Fly and Strawberry Margarita next, but I haven't decided.

I know they aren't winter appropriate, but the weathers been dreary, no sun, no rain, no snow, just dark and cold here so I needed something to brighten things up.