Monday, January 7, 2013

Nail Change: Perfect Valentines Nails and a mini Haul

Disclaimer: These nails are not perfect.

The design would be perfect for Valentines Day, if it were executed better. If you're good at nail art then this is perfect for a super simple but sweet Valentines Day mani or pedi if you perfer.

I used OPI's Sweet Heart which I bought because Blair Fowler said it was a nice neutral pink like OPI's Bubble Bath, but it was better because it was easier to work with and opaque in 2 coats. It is opaque in 2 coats if you do it right, I've only been able to do that once, so I usually have to use 3 coats. Still better than the bajillion that bubble bath takes so I'm happy with it.

I actually did end up going out and buying a red shimmery polish, actually I ended up buying two polishes, it's an obsession. The first one is the one I used and that's OPI's The Spy Who Loved Me from the recent James Bond Collection.

The other is Gettin Miss Piggy With It from the Muppets Collection.

I know I said I was planning on buying more expensive polishes and less OPI's but I hadn't bought a new polish since before Christmas and OPI is easily accessible where I live. I have to drive an hour on the other hand for Lancome or Deborah Lippmann or anything other than OPI, Essie and China Glaze.

The design I did is a red heart (The Spy Who Loved Me) on a light pink background (Sweet Heart)

Please excuse the dings and creases, I did these right before bed and didn't let them dry all the way. I painted the hearts on using a tiny paint brush and am really amused that the better hearts are on my right hand. I'm holding my iPad case which is by Kate Spade. I like how this turned out and any proper photos of my nails will likely be taken this way.

This lasted on my nails for about 2 days, then I had to take it off. I like Sweet Heart and can see myself using it again, but not with the design and only because it's decent for when I want a milky pink. I really don't like having to use 3 coats of anything though because it seems to chip easier. I feel like Essie might have some better light milky pinks and Lancôme has one in their spring line right now that I'm hoping I can get. If that's the case then Sweet Heart may end up in the to be given away box.

If you notice on the Pinterest board that the date they're pinned and they date they say they were used don't match, well that's why I'm dating them. I'm a bit lazy and or it's been used but it's new so it hasn't been photographed and uploaded yet. Sorry about the discrepancies but I promise that the date written in the description of the pin is correct.