Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Nail Polish Challenge or 129 bottles of Polish on the Wall

Happy New Year!

I don't do resolutions, I don't see the point since most of them aren't kept. I also don't see the beginning of a year as a fresh start. But instead as just a marking of the passage of time.

I am however starting a new project today. You see I follow ForeverAmber.co.uk, this isn't her only blog, she has others, but that's the one I follow the closest. She mentioned on that blog that on a different blog, her Shoeperwoman blog to be exact that each year she does a shoe challenge to make sure she's actually wearing all those lovely shoes she buys. More info on that at the link.

I don't have as many shoes as her, but I do have an insane number of nail polishes. 129 to be exact, and I know I don't wear all of them. Unlike the shoe challenge, where the goal is to save the shoes (she is a shoeper hero ya know), my goal is to get rid of some of the polishes.

I have far to many polishes, and some of them I know I don't love and some of them don't get enough love because they get forgotten about and others I think I love but then I put it on and instead I loathe. So on the 29th of December, my husband and I sat down, photographed every polish I own, took down the names, edited and watermarked the photos, uploaded them with their proper names to Pinterest and boom challenge ready to start on the January 1st.

That sounds like a lot of work right? Well it wasn't so awful, it only took 6 hours total, but if I weren't married to someone who is both a photographer and computer programmer it would have taken much much longer. So I was very lucky.

Being that this is a challenge there are some rules.
  1. If I don't wear the polish by December 31st 2013, it goes
  2. If I wear the polish but hate it on, it goes
  3. I must wear the polish for more than 24 hrs for it to count
  4. If the polish chips to the point of looking awful on the first day then it goes (note on this rule: I don't mean tiny chips, I mean ugly noticeable chips that make me want to pick it all off my nails)
I know that I have way to many and because of that I have polishes I love that get forgotten about because they get buried under other polishes or shoved into dark corners. I've already seen several polishes I loved that I had forgot I owned.

I'm also doing this because I'm a bit tired of changing my polish nearly every day and I've recently discovered that I can buy one Lancôme polish for the price of 2 OPI polishes, but it also stays on the nails twice as long and I usually have to use less coats, which means that the more expensive polish is worth my money, but the cheaper polishes aren't. Sort of a you get what you pay for thing. On the other hand I seem to be the only person with the OPI chipage problem so maybe it's just me. Maybe the formula of the OPI's don't adhere well to my nails. Maybe it's just certain polishes that chip badly and others of the same brand are fine. That is what this challenge is meant to show. 

I pinned all of the polishes I own to a board called Nail Polish and once I've worn them I will be moving them to a board called Nail Polishes I've Worn - 2013. As you can see I've already pinned one polish to the board, and that happens to be Deborah Lippmann's My Prerogative, which is one I got from my parents for Christmas in the She's Always A Woman Gift Set.

I love this color, it's a nice even creme blue and is the first non-glittery polish I've tried from Deborah Lippmann. I really like them, which I'm not surprised about since I love the glitter polishes she does.

The second Polish I've pinned is also by Deborah Lippmann called Raspberry Beret and is from the same gift set I got from my parents.
I'm wearing this one on my toes and I love it. I've used Deborah Lippmann's glitter polishes before and I adore them.

Both of these polishes started out on my nails last year, but I'm counting them because I've worn them for several days already and they're still pretty much in perfect condition and I'm not thinking about changing them or taking them off yet.

 This doesn't mean I won't be buying anymore polishes, I will, trust me I have a list of polishes and brands that I want to try. It just means that as I do buy more they will be photographed uploaded and moved as they're worn. I also will try to post here each time I've worn a polish and what the verdict is, if I keep it or it goes. They probably won't each get their own post, but most likely be a sub note on whatever I'm posting that day. If I change them and don't have anything else to post about then I'll put up a short post of just that polish and the results.

I won't usually be uploading pictures of my nails unless I do some sort of design I really like, or I'm reviewing the polish. For polish reviews they're will most likely be multiple photos with my phone or iPad's calender in the background so you can see how they wear over time.

 I'm really excited about this challenge I've set for my self. Happy New Year!