Thursday, January 31, 2013

OOTD: Spring Ready

So yesterday's post was really blah I know. I was feeling really under the weather and couldn't think straight. Today's post is better, I swear.

Mostly because is an outfit post. It was a bit warmer the other day and we were going to dinner and I decided that I liked my outfit enough to take some photos for you guys.

I wore a striped top with an exposed back zip. It has 3 quarter length sleeves and a boatneck. I adore this top and think it's incredibly flattering on me. I got it last fall at H&M, and can definitely see myself wearing it through spring and into early summer. It is a thicker knit so I don't think I'd be able to wear it during the hottest days of summer, but it'll make an appearance for summer nights when it cools off.

These light pink/peach slacks with the ankle zips are quickly becoming favorites of mine as well. The sit a bit weird at my hips so I definitely need to wear a longer top with them, but I'm okay with that since I prefer that length for tops anyway. These pants are also from H&M and while they were bought recently, I did buy them on sale so I don't think you'd be able to find them.

My locket is from Jewelmint last spring. I absolutely adore it because its Rose Gold, and the style is interesting. It's called The Lovers Locket, and it has a pretty floral design on the front. I wish the design continued to the back, because it has a tendency to flip around. That might just be me though because I can never seem to get my jewelry to lay properly. I actually bought this necklace to go with the shoes I'm wearing in this outfit.

The Shoes are from Sam Edelman and are by far my favorite part of this outfit.

They're nude with a rose gold studded toe cap and a bow. I got them last year this time, but I think you can still find this style. These shoes are comfortable and surprisingly versatile. The studs and spikes give them edge, while the colors give them a very feminine look. If I had to sum up who I am in just one article of clothing it would be these shoes.

I've got a bit of a closer look of my face that I'll be using for tomorrow's post about the makeup I wore.